March 30, 2017

Hopefully a better day?

I’m so not into getting up and getting with it this morning. I’m fed up and done with my full time job so bad it makes my stomach hurt every day I have to go in. I’d rather stay home today but I can’t. So sick of working with immature assholes. 
No I’m not cranky lol, I just don’t wanna go today. I’d rather go fishing! Anything but there! I hate plant rumors and how fast they can spread lies and gossip. It makes me sick. You think people are kind of your friend, but you let some shit go down and see how they act, true with any situation really. Really sick of not being able to trust, it’s really annoying. I try but people keep showing me why I shouldn’t believe them. Really sucks. 
Blah, done talking about that shit. 
I had these thoughts since yesterday that when I get off work tonight to just keep driving. I don’t know where to but I’m so sick of everything and almost everybody. But I can’t because I ain’t done working on my truck, she probably wouldn’t make it far. I’m working second job this weekend so I’m hoping I’ll make good since it’s going to be really nice saturday and sunday, then I could fix and replace some more stuff on my truck. If it don’t run I don’t work…then I’ll be really screwed. I think I have to replace shocks too at least in the front. I’ve been rough on it haha,well I’m rough on anything I drive really lol. Too much stress so I drive like a race car driver in an old pickup. πŸ˜‚ It’s not old old but it’s an 03′. 
5am and I’m in the tub lol. I’m up so why not? Feels kinda nice since my body hurts from yesterday. I just hope it’s a little easier on me today at work. 
I’m going to have to sit down tonight after work and get on that computer and figure out how to monetize our YouTube channel and setup websites for that and my blog. I hate doing that stuff cause it takes foreverrr. But hey ya never know just how fast it could take off. So many youtubers never make it because it gets a little hard but I ain’t giving up. I want it! And when the money is right and hopefully that is soon…that full time job will be the first thing I get rid of with pride!!! I already decided that my last day I will show up like normal. But I’ll be outta there in less than an hour. I gotta tell my haters bye hahaha. I’m joking, but I am gonna walk up and toss my shit down on bosses desk and say I quit. Ahhhhh can’t wait for that😍😍😍!!! I’ll be singing ‘Take this job and shove it’!!! 😁😜
I’ll quit the other one too but that boss is good to me so I’ll train others to take my place and stuff before I leave that one. You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve. 
I’ve done a little more on my current story but I’m not done yet. You see if I was already at home making money I could’ve done wrote a bunch of them. But I’m not so it takes me longer. In our YouTube video, me and Cory stopped by the rv place in town and looked at those rv van ones. I can drive those without changing my license. And that’s all I’ll need for me to travel by myself but there’s still enough room for the kids if they wanna go here and there with me sometimes. I can’t wait, I will make it happen! ❀️
I want one something like the one below in the picture. And yes this dodge girl is going to buy a ford hahaha!!

Can’t wait dammit!!!!
Y’all have a great day! Love ya’s!

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