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Good Morning😊

      It’s monday but it’s my off monday 😜. Sorry to those of you having to work hehe. Had to get up early but it’s all good, got some stuff to take care of this morning. Then I’ll probably go back to bed for a bit lol. 
My shoulders are sore as hell, not sure if it’s from working or the gym. Hard to tell cause my job kinda sucks lifting that heavy yarn all day. 
There’s something I want to tell y’all but I can’t just yet. It has to be took care of starting this morning so when it all blows over I will. It’s just I can’t put it on social media right now, probably being watched. That and I don’t know what the outcome will be either. 
I did not dye my hair yet. I was so tired last night I just couldn’t. But I’m going to try and do it today. I love purple being in my hair. BUT I’m not going to put as much as that hair dresser did, she didn’t do what I wanted. I wanted there to still be a lot of blondeish color and she almost had my whole head purple. Whenever I get it done you know there will be selfies haha😂. 
Not sure what I’ll get into today, may just take it easy and rest. I’m pretty tired. My job takes a lot out of me and then stress on top of that makes it worse, ain’t no wonder I can’t wake up early to get to the gym lol. 
Oh yea these kids-my youngest and his wife, are gonna freeze me to death. They put my window ac in the kitchen and I went to pee this morning and damn near went outside to pee LOL, it’s warmer out there! 😄 I get cold real easy. But I love them it’s all good❤️. I’ll just have to dress like an eskimo this summer while I’m in the house haha!! 
Well I gotta go, gotta be somewhere this morning. Y’all have a great day!!

Lori Hensley

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