March 25, 2017

Playful In The Bathtub 

Extremely Dirty!! 18+Only
I just wanted a long hot bath after a long day at work. I couldn’t wait to get home. I grabbed something to eat on my way home and scarfed it down. I finally get home and I throw down my bags and keys. Kicking off my shoes and pulling down my hair on my way to the bathroom. I turned on the water and set it just right. I grab some towels and then I take all my clothes off and step into my tub. I slowly sat down in the tub, the water was hot but felt so good. I laid back and scooted down and watched as the water got higher and up to my neck. I turned the water off with my feet lol. I spread my legs and I love how the very warm water rushes up on and in my pussy, men will never understand that feeling 😉.
I slowly slide down to wet all of my hair. And then I lay there with my eyes closed relaxing. The water feels so good. So good that it puts me slightly in the mood. I’m rubbing my thighs and then my belly. I move up to my breasts and twisting my nipples and rubbing them. Then I move my hand back down to my pussy and with my middle finger I rub up and down the center of my pussy. Rubbing a little harder on the clit doing circular movements. I’m feeling pretty good now. With my eyes closed and touching myself I start dreaming……….
Friend #1 came in and knelt down beside my tub. He stroked my hair and then my face. He leaned in to kiss me and I kissed back. He started touching my belly while kissing me then quickly started fingering me. It felt so good. Even though I was in the water you could tell I was getting wet. He finger fucked me deep and fast. Then he reached in and put his hand under my ass and raised me up to eat me out. After he was done licking me up, he stood up and took all of his clothes off and got into the tub on top of me. He continued kissing me and put his dick in my pussy and slowly entered me. We let some of the water out for a less messy water mess. He started pounding my pussy hard until we both came. It was quick but great. He kissed me and got out and got dressed.
Before he could leave the bathroom friend #2 came in and walks towards me telling me how sexy I am. He leaned over and kissed the top of my head and said you are beautiful. Friend #1 left the bathroom while  friend #2 was getting undressed. He pulled me up to sit sideways in center of the tub facing him. He knelt down to kiss me and kissed me for like forever it seemed, but it was nice. He got on his knees and pulled me forward to suck on him. And oh how nice and large he was! As I started sucking he placed both of his hands on the back of my head and he started moving pretty fast. He took it kinda easy on me but I was loving pleasing him. Before he came he pulled it out of my mouth and cummed on my face and down my chest and belly. It was so hot. He kept kissing and talking sweet to me until he was ready for round two. He ordered me to get on my knees and he got behind me and slowly put his dick in my ass. He started moving slow then to a full on pounding in my ass. It felt so good and I cummed so hard. He cleaned up and got out. He kissed the top of my head again and said thank you beautiful and he got dressed and left. I cleaned myself up and ran fresh water because I thought I was done but to my surprise…..
A girl I didn’t know walked in and introduced herself as friend #1’s friend. I thought to myself wow this is awesome if she is going to want some of me too. She knelt down beside the tub and talked a little bit. Then she touched my knee and started rubbing down my thigh then to my inner thigh. She leaned in and kissed me and then started playing with my pussy. I wrapped both my hands around the sides of her head and kissed her back. She kissed my neck on both sides then kissed me more on the lips while sliding her fingers inside of me. Then she kissed and sucked and nibbled on my breasts and I immediately raised her shirt and done the same. Her breasts felt so good in my mouth. I pulled her shirt off and she took the rest of her clothes off. She got in the tub and laid beside me all cuddled up to me kissing and touching each other. She was so wet. I was sucking on her breasts and fingering her and she was squirming and moaning. I moved down to the end of the tub and raised her up and cupped her pussy with my mouth. Damn she tasted good. She had to pull me up because I couldn’t get enough. She guided me to sit on the side of the tub facing her and she licked on my pussy for awhile. She reached into her purse she brought in and pulled out a double dildo. We sat opposite each other in the tub and put it in both our pussies. It wasn’t stiff so we were able to somewhat lean up and kiss while we were grinding. I grabbed her thighs and she grabbed mine and we fucked the shit out of that toy. We both came really hard and it was erotic. We kissed then she got dressed and left. I laid there in complete satisfaction with my pussy and ass so sore and throbbing but it was sooooo worth it.
Now I ask all of you. Was this real? Or did I just dream?  Either way it was hot and sexy wasn’t it? 😘

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