March 23, 2017

Good Morning 💋💋

Oh it’s soooo early lol. I should be asleep but I’m not due to a nightmare waking me up…shish, I hate those things! I was playing and wrestling with my pup Sadie earlier, she won lol. 
I’m having trouble getting used to somebody living with me. I forget I have to wear clothes, shut the bathroom door, be quite at night lol, and no no to any bedroom noises hahahaha!! I went to the kitchen a few minutes ago and was gonna fry some sausage and eggs then remembered it’s after 2am and I gotta be quite…so I had cereal lol. It’s alright I’ll get used to it. Oh and I have to cut out on sitting in tub for two hours unless I’m home alone hehe. 
Isn’t it strange how emotional a person can be? I mean like with me, I have the same needs and wants and problems everyday but one day I can handle it like a champ and the next I’m a mess. I think I’m just so messed up that it only takes a few negative words or a bad attitude to bring me down in a matter of seconds. And it can ruin me for days especially from anyone I care about. I really wish this would go away but I guess it’s a stage of everything I’ve been through emotionally. 
And relationship wise, well I think I should stay single a little while longer, maybe a while longer. I noticed I can’t handle seeing or hearing the shit couples go through. It scares the hell outta me. All the fighting and bickering over petty shit and of course the lying and deceiving to one another. I just want to be happy but if I can’t get happy being single I’ll just be miserable with somebody. 
I gotta work my part time job today and I’m getting sleepy again so I guess I’ll get off here and sleep some more lol. 
Love you people!
Lori 💜

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