March 14, 2017

Have You Ever???

Have you ever actually smelled a rose? They’re sweet as can be. 
Have you ever slowed down and looked at nature? I mean really slowed down.
Have you ever known the love of a child? It’s the best feeling in the world!
Have you ever just wanted to go back to being young when the world seemed simple? I do
Have you ever wondered if your parents feel like you do today about everything? I do
Have you ever really thought about how the hell your still alive? I do
Have you ever known true love? …..
Have you ever met someone and fell in love when you first looked into their eyes? …..I did
Have you ever felt love instead of just being f’ked? …….
Has anyone ever made you feel like your the best thing ever then act like they don’t care in the same day? Yep
Have you ever wondered why your not enough for somebody? Everyday 
Have you ever felt like if you disappeared no one would even notice? Yes
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be rich and famous? Rich-yes
Have you ever wondered why you ain’t the one that’s invented stuff? I do lol
Have you ever just fell on the floor on your face and cried because you hurt so bad and knowing nobody cares? Almost everyday 
Have you ever been lied to straight to your face but your so crazy about the person you just swallow the hurt and smile? Yes I have, a couple of times
Have you ever thought about what goes through people’s minds wanting to climb Mount Everest? I think they crazy lol
Have you ever thought about how weird it would be if we could breathe under water like we can with air, back and forth? It would knock out drownings 
Have you ever just felt like running or screaming to get away or release your problems? Yep
Have you ever wondered why we all work our asses off all the time and hardly enjoy life? I blame the government lol
Have you ever had road rage at a store because someone walks slow? Yes yes yes
Have you ever just wanted to punch a cashier or the like for having a nasty attitude with you? Oh yes
Have you ever wondered if you just went mute if you would think yourself to death? I’d blow up if I couldn’t talk to myself
Have you ever wondered why sex feels soooo good? Duhhhh…we know why😝
Have you ever done something sexual that’s out of the norm? 😁😁😁😁😁that’d be a yes 
Have you ever wanted to travel the whole world? Sometimes
Have you ladies ever wondered why men can’t do the clit nut like you can yourself? Every time LOL
Have you men ever wondered why all women can’t figure out how to give good oral? Hell I do, it ain’t that difficult 
Have you ever wondered when I’m going to shut up with this post??? 😜 hahaha
That would be now!!! Lol Sorry I wanted to write this one. It popped in my head, thought it would be somewhat interesting or maybe not I don’t know. I wrote my answers beside the questions, y’all can answer yours. 
Love, Lori…..again Haha!!! 

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