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Definitely Monday🙃🙃

It feels like Monday alright and I didn’t even have to work today. I’m still working on cleaning out spare bedroom so my son can move in. Damn I have a lot of junk!! I’m so tired! I went to gym this morning and exercised my butt off then came straight home and started on that room and I still ain’t done. I gave up for now, I’m hiding in my tub! Lol
I have too many books, they’re so heavy! 
Ya know I really wanna get away somewhere so bad. I just don’t know where or how the hell to afford it. Poor ole dodge needs some minor work before I can take her further than just around town. Lol oh well I’ll figure it out soon. Working my ass off for it will make it more enjoyable anyway. Always does no matter what your after or whatever. 

I seen this writing above on google somewhere today and I had to put it on my Facebook wall on the about me part. I love it, for a slight moment I could imagine it and it was so nice. I take it as it says and the fact that I’d be the only one that turns his head. Can you imagine? Wow! I want it so bad it brought tears to my eyes. 
Anyway enough of that haha! How have y’all been? Good I hope?! I’m up and down as usual, y’all know that. Lol. The possibilities of things getting a hell of a lot better for me is looking promising. I’m still struggling at the moment but hopefully soon it will all change. 
Why is it when a woman starts her period she’s so damn horny?? I mean come on…it’s not fair dammit! I know you women feel the same way haha! Grrrrrr now I sit and deal with it😈. Of course it don’t faze me with sex and periods, I don’t give a damn but most men are like ew no thanks LOL. Pussies! Whatever I guess……
So I’m asking any women that are reading this to please comment or message me or email me ( about how or if you deal with what I do about being all single and shit and feeling like you ain’t good enough for nobody kinda stuff. I want to hear whatever you did to overcome it. I did good up to a point and I’m kinda stuck now. So please inform me of your victory over it and thank you. 
I’m sitting in the tub of course haha. But I was thinking I have a bright green fingernail polish and I now have a tan, would that look good y’all? Lol, just wondering. 
Dang I’m rambling tonight lol, every paragraph is something different. If you guessed have I been alone all day then your right cause I have and I’m going stir crazy. I haven’t even turned on the tv today, I’ve been so busy with that room it’s crazy. Surely I can sleep tonight I’m worn slap out! All this stuff is what I been thinking all day, of course there’s ton more though. They just come and go so fast I can’t remember them all lol!! 
I looked out the window just now and the daylight scared the hell out of me! 😂 I’m not used to the time change yet..weird. 
I’m in a perverted mood, not that it’s unusual or anything. Probably more so cause my hormones are going nuts!!!!! Damn I need….well haha I’ll be quite maybe! I know I ain’t the only one so don’t y’all be like pfft whatever 😜. 
There’s a possibility I’ll be on here writing something later unless I pass out lol. When I’m tore up is when I can write dirty little stories! Ok I’m gonna hush or this post may go on for days hahaha!! 
Love you all!! 
Love, Lori💋😛😘😘😘😘

Lori Hensley

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