March 10, 2017

Taking a break from man hatingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shish. Ok ok ok. I’m taking a break for crying out loud. But dammit y’all don’t give me reasons too! I mean it. I’m not comparing me to other women’s shit, I don’t act like them. I act on what it is or looks like and of course…put it on here😁! I’m gonna try to keep my mouth shut but that don’t mean I ain’t thinking it LOL I guess this means I’m gonna have to stop growling at the guys at the gym for looking huh??😜😜😜
I really should be going to sleep. Y’all know it’s hard to wind down when you got so much on your mind. That and I did a ton of extra exercises because I missed yesterday’s. I will not miss another day!! F’k that! I will be really sore in the morning because I’m already sore now. I’m not talking about gym workouts, this stuff was my mat work. Stomach, legs, ass, etc. I want a nice toned body for summer. Tan is coming along very nice! I love it! Makes me feel sexy and shit Lol. 
It’s really the first time I’ve ever put this much effort into tanning and working out. I really love the different lifestyle. It gives me something to look forward too everyday. And I really want a nice ass and legs. 
Well this is hard! It’s easier to write man hating stuff. What else can I hate on?πŸ€” I’m joking!!!! LOL
Here’s how much I don’t give a frick about what I say lol…about a month ago I bought this thing, at this store, and it’s for women, and hahahahaha….anyways it’s tightening balls. I figured if I’m gonna tone my body up I might as well get it ALL!!! 😎 But uh I forgot I bought them and I was looking for my candy bar I hid in my drawer and pulled those things out, kinda startled me and I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! Sorry had to share, it was funny as hell on my end! I just wanted a candy bar and got balls instead! To say the least now that I remembered those haha it’s on! 
I absolutely love being able to say what I want and think well for the most part, I have to be quite about men for a lil bit anyway. 
I’m gonna try this…Nice stuff about men!

  • Some know how to rock your world!
  • Their hands massaging your back..mmmm
  • Staring into your eyes while…
  • Doing little things for you
  • Some do big things for you
  • Those that ain’t afraid to eatπŸ˜›
  • Those that can be their self with you and accomplish desires like yours
  • Some go out of their way in all areas you need them in
  • Kissing the neck all around
  • Play with your hair
  • Grab your face when kissing you
  • Looks at you like you the prettiest thing ever
  • Does more for you sexually just because
  • Make you soak the sheets
  • And can make you fall asleep right after the orgasm finale and still rub on your back or play with your hair instead of sleeping or leaving right away

See I got good things to say. But the bad stuff hurts my feelings and I just don’t care to think about them at that time. I frown on being hurt. I don’t ‘hate’ men but I get aggravated sometimes too just like men do with women. I’m not a multiple player so I only like playing with one at a time. That’s where loyalty comes in at. 
Ok I’m sleepy as hell and it’s 11:20 right now. I gotta get up early. I get to work out with one of my girlfriends in the morning yay!!
Goodnight y’all! 😴
Love you, LoriπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

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