March 9, 2017

Good Night 

Thanks everybody for reading my posts. I appreciate it a lot. I hope y’all had a good day. It was nice out and supposed to be nicer tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get to work my other job. 
I washed my truck today. I hadn’t touched it in months. I really thought stuff might start falling off of it since it had been so long lol. And the wheels were so dirty I had to wash them twice lol. My hands and arms were filthy from washing it 😂. 
Also I discovered I have another fricking rat in my house again ugh! I had to scrub everything in the drawers and on the counter. THEN I opened a bottom cabinet door under the sink and a damn frog jumped out at me!!!!! I screamed and took off running😂😂😂😂😂 
And not to mention that my regular phone already has a really bad cracked screen and it’s a p.o.s., now the phone I been using on wifi is now cracked too dammit! I dropped it in the house and it cracked, I was so mad. Then I calmed down from all of that and went to make me some coffee….I dropped the pot….it broke!!!! 😭😭 It just sucks I tell ya just sucks! I’m taking my ass to bed before I break something else or that frog finds me. Idk where it went hahaha! I really want out of this house before summers hits. I can’t handle all these creepy crawly things again. I had a snake in my house last year..didn’t catch it, don’t know where it went😳. And brown recluse spiders as well!!! I have a fear of spiders, I will turn pale and pass out!!! I might be strong but I can’t handle those spiders or that damn snake. I really don’t want to hang around and see what else gets in my house 😔. 
I tried to come up with a sexy story today while I was cleaning and wot not but I couldn’t. All I could think about was going to that bed alone. I normally don’t think about it until bedtime but it was on my mind all day. I got a lot on my mind and I kinda like cried 3 different times today. I gotta get a grip. Shits getting to me. 
Well I’m going to bed now. I got gym in the morning and hopefully I get to work other job too. I need that money. 
Night y’all. Sleep good!
Love, Lori 😴

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