March 7, 2017

Good Night

Hey guys! Everybody have a good day? I didn’t Blah…I know some of you seen my last blog I put on here today, some of you might not have, but I deleted it earlier. It had too many of my true feelings thrown out there and I had to get rid of that! When your hurting and confused, it seems like a good idea to say how you feel but when you calm down a lil it’s like Oh No…that can’t get out! Lol
I came home from work and rushed in, fed dogs, heated up my supper while bath water was running. Grabbed my food, stripped on my way to tub and ate supper in the tub😜. Next step…BED! I’m exhausted omg. I’m more than just physically tired, there’s a lot of emotional tiredness in there too😔. I gotta get my mind straight or I’m gonna go crazy with this. No I can’t say what this is either, sorry. Just that I need a damn break. 
Some of my problem is being alone, some of y’all have no idea what it feels like. It’s terrible. And just having anybody in the house doesn’t fix it either. I need that someone but oh well apparently nobody neeeeeds me except know😥. Wish I was needed for more than that. 
Yes I’m having a bad day. Ain’t much inspiration or uplifting coming outta me today that’s for sure.  I gotta get off here already and get in bed. I’ve got gym and tanning before work in the morning which means I gotta get up early. 
Goodnight and I’ll write tomorrow hopefully. 
Love, Lori 😪

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