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Feeling Rich

Good morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! It’s my last day off for awhile. Today me and my older son are going to shoot a video for our YouTube channel ‘The Southliferz’. But first I gotta hit the tanning bed and workout this morning. 
Feeling rich? Don’t mean money. Nope. Means I feel loved deeply by my two sons and a couple of friends. And for once I’m kinda happy about things. Don’t wanna jinks nothing but it looks as if things might be straightening up for me as well. It’s been a long road just in this past year. I’ve been through it let me tell ya. Even though I work two jobs that pay and work two more jobs that don’t yet, I’m still very thankful. Because for one I’m doing this for me, ME, for a change! It’s all a lot of work and I know in my heart it will all pay off soon. And when it does OMG is this woman going to take a very much needed vacation !!!!!! I’m loving what I’m doing but I am tired, physically, mentally, and emotionally just exhausted. Not to mention I also now workout lol which is very tiring but it just makes me feel better and helps ease my mind and helps me to sleep and gives me a major appetite 😜. So yes I feel rich as hell even though I have no money yet. And that’s the best! The money will be an added benefit to my life and it will be great but family and love and myself are far more important! 
Man it’s another cold morning! The puppies didn’t seem to be freezing this morning but I was as always lol. Come on summer please! 
Well I’m going to have to buckle down and find another kennel for the puppies. They’re getting bigger which means so is their messes…yuck!!! And like I said before I’m not home enough to house train them. Poor babies haha. And don’t think I’m mean neither. I know how some people are about kennels and shit. You ain’t here, you don’t see how happy all four dogs are and how much they melt as soon as they lay eyes on me. Lots of butt shaking goes on around here😂😂😂. I love my fur babies. And my younger son refers to me as granny to his puppy…😳 LOL! 
Now I know I said I was not loooooking for a man and I’m not. It’s just that I will always want that real wholeheartedly honest kinda relationship. It don’t hurt to think or dream of it does it? Being someone’s only? Not being lied to or hurt or made to feel like you don’t compare or measure up to other women? Well I think  NOT😆 so I will!! Lol
Feeling pretty good about myself you know…considering. 

I’ve preached to myself and to y’all, gotta love yourself above all else. It’s not conceited, it’s appreciating and loving  yourself. 
Love you all!! 
Love, Lori😘😘😘

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