March 4, 2017

Good Saturday Morning

Hey guys! How y’all doing? 😜 Me..I’m great! I’m up early but oh well it’s all good. I get to work today hopefully and make a few bucks at my side job. Didn’t get to yesterday, guess it was to cold. 
Man it was cold as hell in this house this morning! Poor puppies was freezing too, bless their little hearts. I had to fire up the kerosene heater and the two space heaters trying to knock the chill off in here…brrrrr! I can’t wait to move honestly, Idk when it will be but hopefully in the near future. 
Do you know how nice it is for a person to give a damn about you? Several people know I’ve been through a lot but only a few actually do anything for me. And no it’s not nobody’s place but it sure is nice when you get such needed help. And yesterday I got that help and I felt such relief for the first time in forever! I actually cleaned and cooked and sat down to watch tv without stress. nice! I’m still smiling this morning😊. When someone goes out of their way for you and does stuff they don’t have to do and chooses to help you out with something, they are rare and they are awesome people! Most people are tight wods and stuck up. Sure I seem to go through more than most, Idk why, shit just goes like that for me. I don’t like it and I’m busting my ass to fix it. But sometimes it’s nice to be helped with those bumps in the road. Thankyou to that awesome new friend in my life, you Rock!! And I hope that you get 100 fold of everything in every area of your life repaid back to you, you deserve it! Thankyou my friend! πŸ€—
Sometime today I’ve got to sit down and make a workout plan. I’m kinda all over the place and I really don’t like it like that way. I’m gonna put it all in a personal planner and carry it around with me until I get it all figured out lol. Also I’ve got to get on computer and do blog and vlog work too. I’ve got to make those those start working a little bit faster for me. Me and my older son are supposed to do a video for our ‘The Southliferz’ channel tomorrow. I know some make it in doing what they love and most fail simply because it gets too hard or ‘people’ make it seem impossible for them and they listen….not me! I don’t care what anyone says or thinks about me or what all I’m doing. Because in the near future I will make it and haters and lazy people will still be in their same spot still watching me, still hating. Not rubbing it in now nor will I later, I’m just saying there’s no one person going to stop me or intimidate me to make me sit down and quit. F’k them. 
And yes I’m in my tub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…I could sit here all day as long as I have hot water lol! And my phone of course. 
Most people have those moments in their life where their tired of being in the same boat all the time but don’t do nothing about it. I’ve been in that for a little bit now and I’m working towards changing my life for myself. No one is or can do it for you. One day I hope to help others out as well. You can’t make them rich-they won’t appreciate it, but every now and then people need a little light to shine their way. 
I’m still working on doing that vision board and current project board. And after I make it I’m going to keep those along with a photo and info type album I’m going to put together to show my walk and fight through all this from way back to the top. 
Well I guess I should get off here, I’ve been in tub for two hours hahahaha! I love it! I’m probably the cleanest woman in Resaca Ga πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!! 
Well gotta do the work thang then do the tanning bed and gym thang afterwards. Then chill the rest of the day. 
Everybody have a great day!! 
Love LoriπŸ˜ˆπŸ’œ

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