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Changing my schedule around..

Good morning people! Hope y’all have a great day today. It’s back to work for me for two long 12 hour days then I work my part time job some this weeekend. I’m kinda glad because I’m really broke. I’m so sick of being broke it’s becoming annoying to the point I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to better myself. Looking for another job would be stupid because I already have two. I need something more, I need my blog upgraded really bad. I’ll get there one of these days. 
So I’ve decided that I have to change my schedule around because I am not a morning person….at all! I’ve been getting up really early to go to gym before work and I can’t do it anymore, I’m losing more sleep that way. So, I’m going to start going to gym after work. I think it would work better for me and I could be done with work and gym and be in bed by 9:30-10, and get up later in the mornings.  Sounds like a plan to me 😊. 
I wanted to do a video yesterday for my YouTube channel buuut I couldn’t get with it for nothing yesterday lol. I was going to have the puppies in it too. The two that I have inside the house right now. And as soon as my rent is back on track which will be this week or next, I’m buying another kennel for them because it will be warm weather soon. And when I do I’m done with animals living inside the house! I love them all but I cannot stand the smells and the hair no more yuck! I work too much to train them properly so I’m going to put a stop to it. Which means I’ll have 4 dogs to walk everyday because the landlord won’t let me put them on runners..??? Why???who the hell knows! Runners are great for dogs, they have tons of running room. Kennels are not great for room, only to keep them locked up in a little space. Oh well, it is what it is. Maybe I’ll get to move soon to something better for me and the dogs. 
Oh yea, ok so I’ve been working out and that’s been causing me to eat like hell. So I’m gaining weight now that I’m working out, is that good or normal? I know I’m little and I must eat for muscles to not get destroyed or whatever but I’m a little confused. Please help whoever knows anything about that stuff😁. 
I know I went off on men yesterday on Facebook…😜😜. I’m sorry, it’s not all men but dammit I’m just done! F’k boys piss me off to no end!!!! I’m over it, looking for a relationship. I’m just gonna stick to my original plan and just do me. I have every intention on becoming successful this year and I need to be single and focus on me anyhow. I have my boys and 3 great friends, I don’t need a full time man anyway getting in my way and slowing me down or stopping me altogether. F’k that! 
Well I’ve got to get ready for work so I’ll ttyl! 
Love…ME 😜

Lori Hensley

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