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What a boring day it was lol

Such a long boring day off. I slept a big part of it though😁. I was going to do a video with the puppies tonight…but…I ate all that food and got stuffed and sleepy, so it’ll be tomorrow now. I made stuffed bell peppers and I ate two huge ones lol. But the video is for my regular YouTube channel. I’ll share it to my Facebook when it’s done.
I’ve been damn emotional all day. I don’t know why other than the normal stuff ya know. But I woke up this morning and all day I felt so small, weird. I still feel it, can’t shake it off. It feels like I don’t matter to anyone ugh. It sucks to be me and a female I swear haha. I can’t even beg nobody to come around me, I give up. Fixing to be 9 months I’ve been single. Looking like I’m the one meant for me huh? Lol. Even at the gym today, there was a ton of people and guys on both sides of me on the treadmills….I still felt alone. Like I’m invisible annnnd small, insignificant, a nothing. I guess when you get treated that way so much you start to think it too. 
Well I’m heading to bed. I’ve done dozed off a bunch of times trying to write this haha. Goodnight!

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