February 26, 2017


Last day of my 12 hour shift weekend! Can’t wait to get this day over with! I long for the day when my job is to get up and turn on computer and go to work in my pajamas ❤️. It’s coming! 😊
I tell ya I feel just blah. Being in pain for over a week will wear you down. I think it’s gonna rain tomorrow so I won’t be able to work other job which means my ass will be in bed all day catching up lol. Or in my tub haha! 
Here in a few weeks hopefully my finances should start slowly improving and I’m gonna give my own self a damn break, a mini vacation. Away from jobs and people, gotta clear my mind. Only two people know what all is going on in my life, my gf & my new friend. They think I need a break too lol. Yes there is a lot I don’t put on here. Every girl has her secrets, can’t let them all out💜. Anyway I wanna go where it’s warm dammit! It’s 70 one day here then 40 the next…crazy! I need to go by myself and do some soul searching as they say lol. May even turn phone off for most of the day and stay off facebook and messenger lol. 
I seen this post on fb yesterday….’I want you, you want someone else, and someone else wants me’….pretty much sums it up. 
I over done it yesterday with ab exercises, I’m sore as hell! To say the least I’m not going today. Taking a day off from the gym. But yes I still LOVE the gym!!
FYI..it still sucks being single! When you want to be babied, there’s no one there uggggh! Oh well, life goes on I reckon…even if your single lol. Just wish I could get what I need though. 
Well I gotta get ready for work, hope everyone has a great day! Love y’all!

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