February 25, 2017

Good Saturday Morning

I wanna say I wish I wasn’t working today but hey gotta make that money somehow! I’m up early this morning. I had to hit the tub, my back and leg muscles hurt lol. I think today at the gym will be cardio and some ab work. I started out on a little routine I was following but with the toothache and headaches it knocked me off track. I feel somewhat better this morning. But I did yesterday morning too then boom around 3 at work I had a migraine from hell that wouldn’t let up. Hope that don’t happen today 😔. 
So I guess I won’t be doing anymore videos for the blog, from what I can tell it didn’t get that many views unless I’m looking at it wrong. No big deal. 
It’s funny how you think you’ve changed and think you know what you want and also feelings..they change. All of a sudden my view on a lot of stuff has changed, for the better of course. And you realize people ain’t who you think they are. Their true colors start showing and your like nope don’t want that shit in my life. Oh well, I guess that means I’m getting better a little bit everyday. Shady people ain’t worth having around. And my view on stuff or jobs has changed as well. Looking at it all for myself instead of everything benefiting someone else. I have to look out for me. I have to do for me. No man no woman and no stuff can stand in my way. I won’t allow it again. 
I’m sure some people look at me like I’m crazy and shake their head and think she’s just babbling about being successful and all that. She’s broke as hell. She’s single. There’s no way. There’s always gonna be haters. And I know I have them but I don’t care. They’re just doing absolutely nothing with their life and don’t want no one else to either. But I got news for ya, one day soon….I will make it. Not to show the haters but to do it for myself. I won’t be living day to day anymore. trying to figure out how to feed myself and these dogs or find gas money to get work..etc. I will be very busy and I will begin traveling soon. And I will only keep in touch with those that I feel actually give a damn about me, and believe me that number has gotten smaller again. You just know. But anyway, yes I will make it and I don’t want to say watch and see because that sounds cheesy but those following me and keeping up with me will watch me grow and climb, and y’all are awesome! It does feel nice to know that. 
There’s always gonna be hurdles to jump and right now I have a big one, actually several. But I’ll make it. I have no doubt. And YALL can do it too! 
I’m going to start on a couple of projects, one is making a memo book of writings and pictures of my single journey all the way to success. And the other is a vision board for the things I’d like to achieve and work towards. It ain’t much but dreamers with intentions of making them come true start when they don’t have nothing or don’t have much anyway. I know you’ll roll your eyes but have you ever read about Walt Disney? If not you should. Pretty good read and it’s inspiring. There’s tons more of course. 
Well I’ve got to go, gotta get ready for the day. Hope y’all have an awesome one! 
Love ya, Lori💋

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