February 22, 2017

Good Morning

Sorry y’all about the videos. I didn’t know til this morning that the one that was supposed to be 30 mins long was only a little over a min. Don’t know what happened but I deleted them. I’ll figure it out today. 
Well I slept in this morning. I was woke up at 4am with that tooth hurting again. That sucks ass! And now I’m awake with a headache. Can’t win for loosing I tell ya. I’m gonna put myself together and head to the gym, it’s tanning day too 👍🏼.
I’m gonna have to go through my stuff today and sell some things. Don’t wanna but I’m at a point to where…I’d like to keep the roof over my head. Can’t do nothing with this fricking bankruptcy on my me tho, sucks! It would be a great day to win some lottery money!!!!! Because of rain I’m not getting to work pt job this week either. I tried to pawn my title…that didn’t work. They said we don’t check your credit so they wouldn’t know nothing about the bankruptcy, then they ask and me being me I can’t lie. I said yea then they tell me sorry we can’t. WTH? If you don’t look at credit then how would they even know? Y’all think if I used a different one and ‘lied’ they’d find out???? I’m desperate. 
Anyway, I’ll write later. Just wanted to let y’all know the video thing didn’t work again. I’ll work at it later tho. Have a good day everyone!! 

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