February 20, 2017

Not feeling too good 😔

Oh how I so hate a toothache! They’re the worst I swear! It’s been hurting since Friday night and I have to go back to work tomorrow. 
I got so much on me right now and pain just makes me even more miserable. Really don’t need this right now. I had all intentions of seeing a dentist and an eye doctor once I got straightened out but damn that toothache snuck right in there. Hopefully it will subside and I won’t have to have it pulled yet. 
I haven’t been to the gym in two days nor exercised at home because of the pain. But I’m gonna drug up & numb myself up in the morning so hopefully I can go before work. Haven’t been doing it long but I miss being there. 
Y’all guess what….I got to take a bath tonight!!! First time in foreverrrr. I’m loving it and so thankful!! Only positive thing going on lol. Now I can look forward to the gym in the mornings and a hot bath at night yay. And reason being, my old tub was cracked beyond repair. 
I did a video last night. I was gonna make it a video post on here but it wouldn’t upload at all. I’ll try again in a day or two on a different device. May even use the webcam to record a video-those are awful videos so it’s a last resort lol. I thought it may help people understand me better if they could see my expressions sometimes instead if only reading them. 
I’m sleepy from being awake with stupid tooth. Talk to y’all tomorrow. Have a great nights sleep! 
Love, Lori

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