February 17, 2017

Good Evening 😊

Wow what a day so far. I got to the gym late today but I wanted to sleep in so bad lol. I took my oldest with me today. He seemed to like it but it’s not really his thing, he’s a gamer lol. All I did today was tan and walk on treadmill, I had to give my muscles a break. Back home and bored already. 
I can’t believe that ME, yes me allowed myself to be intimidated today!! I don’t let no one do that to me but it happened today dammit. I took one look at another lady and I suddenly felt so stupid like I’ll never look that good. WTH? I pissed my own self off. I don’t allow that because I hate the feeling you get. It sucks, like you ain’t pretty enough, built enough, not good enough, hell are you even a woman!! Damn those feelings! I literally stepped aside with my head down like a dumbass. My only thought was if we were side by side…I would never be given a second glance because of her. Gots to shake that shit off! The only thing I can think of why I allowed that to come over me is I’m already hurting and dealing with other shit I guess. But I still know…I’m me and no one can top that! Favorite phrase–Fuck It!!πŸ–•πŸΌ
When strong is all you can be because you have no choice to be anything else. 
I believe it’s a good time for a nap, I’m still exhausted from working and the gym lol. Really hoping I don’t have to work 2nd job this weekend, I just don’t got it in me. 
Girls, don’t do what I did today. First time I let that happen in a long time but I did let it. Don’t get intimidated and feel like a nothing. I’m still shaking it off, hopefully after a nap it’ll be gone, maybe I’ll beat the shit out of her in my dreamπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Jk
My oldest recorded me several times today haha. Idk what or when he’s gonna post them on Facebook but I’m sure he will LOL! 
Anywho, nap time! 
Love, MeπŸ’‹

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