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Hey how’s everyone doing? Me I’m bored at work. Laying on my tailgate staring at the sky wishing I could leave dammit LOL. I got done too early, oh well at least it’s done. 
I wanna go somewhere really bad like away from ga maybe. I need a vacation! A break! But hey today I’d settle if they just let me go home early haha! 
So did I mention I’m bored?…..what are y’all doing?…hmmmm? 😁😁
Hey I do have something to bitch about though. Let’s just say if I see one more person that does nothing but talk about God and being saved and their page and all their posts are scriptures and gospel songs….then they post half naked pics of their self for a profile pic I’m gonna call them out on it! It pisses me off. How can you lead anyone to God if you look like a tramp???? Ass pics and tits hanging out, I mean really? If your for God and trying to win people to him, you just simply don’t act like that. Period! It’s a disgrace and disgusting. There’s nothing wrong with your page being full of God, but your tits popping out and your ass hanging out and bent over being all sexy and cussing is misleading those who are lost. And men have sex posts and half naked girls on their walls with, it’s men and women. They should highly be ashamed of themselves!!!!!! It makes me sick to see it so they better hope I don’t see no more is all I gotta say! Phew…got that out..I’m good now😁. Just my opinion that’s all lol. 
Ok back to I need a vacation! I wanna go where it’s warm ugh! Ga weather has gone nuts! But there has to be a gym wherever I go LOL. I really really love it! 
I’ve tried to come up with a dirty story all day but no luck lol. I give up. Crazy, guess I’ll go hide somewhere 😴😴😴. 
Bye now! ✌🏼️✌🏼️✌🏼️🙃😁

Lori Hensley

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