February 14, 2017

To Women 

Don’t try so hard-The right people will enter your life when it’s meant to be. If they truly care or love you they will never leave you or hurt you without sincere apologies. The ‘one’ will come when least expected. He will. The things that are supposed to happen for you will happen. Working towards them is fine, but if it’s not meant to be yours, it won’t. Dont stress over it. Don’t kill yourself or lose yourself in the process of finding things or people to come into your life. They just will. You don’t have to become something your not to please anyone or anything anymore. Just be you. 
Love yourself regardless-Always love yourself first. Do for you first. You can’t make anyone love you or even like you and that’s ok. It’s their loss not yours-remember you know who you are, you know what your capable of, you know what you have to offer. If no one can handle that then they ain’t worth your time and they’re probably weak and not sure of themselves or insecure. And that’s ok. Move on. If someone really wants you to be a part of their life, they will make an effort every day, every single day. They won’t forget about you. They’ll always want to know if your ok. They will never do you wrong. Don’t think that they’ve all got a chance at being the ‘one’, only one can truly handle you and love you and love everything about you. Just wait. 
Life is hard-Don’t ever give up. Don’t just fall for anything anymore, you don’t have to. Problems come and go. Situations get tough and they can hurt real bad. Things happen the way they do for a reason. If a door is shut-you leave it alone no matter what or who is on the other side. If it’s closed- it or they were no good for you anyway. 
Don’t be so hard on yourselfQuit beating yourself up for not being like this or like that or not looking like this person or that one. Realize you are beautiful in your own way, a way no one else can be. Yea there’s plenty of women but you are unique. Continue being yourself. Don’t let another woman intimidate you, if that’s what they’re trying to do to you just think, they’re more than likely intimidated by you because of the beautiful way you carry yourself. They don’t love their self yet. They have to prove their self-you don’t and it bothers them.  
Keep pushing-No matter what is wrong. Don’t let yourself go down for no one or nothing. Jobs come and go, don’t let them own you, there’s jobs everywhere. Don’t let the little things get to you. They ain’t worth it believe me. Take a deep breathe and begin again in a calmer, slower pace. Do not give up. 
Hurt-If your in pain regardless of what’s causing it, you need to remove it or them from your life. I know it sucks. It really does. If it’s something that’s out of your control, seek help from friends, family, or doctors. Problems hurt when everything is turned upside on you and nothing goes right no matter what you do. It’s crazy sometimes. Men will hurt you-not all but some will. Sometimes because they’re not the one. A lot of them are good guys but in today’s world (& yes it goes both ways), they can’t keep their eyes on one woman nor can they keep their pants on. It seems everybody has to sleep with everyone, it’s sickening. No matter how beautiful you are or what a great person you are they will not commit to just you and will have many women they mess/sleep with… (whispering)…they’re not the one! Let them go, one sided loves don’t work. It’s not you-it’s them. Friends will hurt you. They will stab you in the back so hard. Everything you’ve trusted them with can be ruined in seconds and you feel like you could never trust another person to even be called your friend. Most cases, they were not a true friend to begin with. You probably had something to offer that they wanted, when they got it, they got rid of you. Don’t give up though, just like with a man you will find you a true friend too. 
The past-Let it go! It can be hard to do. Easier said than done in most cases.  Situations you’ve been in scar you for life, but only you can put a stop to it. Be just a little bit stronger, and stomp on the past. Those that have hurt you or wronged you in anyway are no longer a part of your life so why let them stay in your mind? I’m not saying forget…that’s what makes us stronger, but don’t let them overtake your life. They’re not losing sleep why should you? They’re not thinking about you, don’t be thinking about them. Practice doing things or thinking differently until you come to a point that you almost have to be reminded…like ‘Oh yea, that guy that cheated on me’ or whatever it is that bothers you. Let..It..All..Go! 
The One-News flash…you will not be sent someone else’s man to be your one and only, think about it, they’re cheating to be with you..they will do the same to you. (UPDATING..except for rare cases, sorry shish lol). The one will not do anything on purpose to hurt you or make you feel bad in anyway. He will be there for you no matter what it is. He will only want you. He won’t notice others nor will he put himself in a spot where another woman thinks she has a chance with him. There is no flirting with others. He won’t be able to hardly wait to come home to you even if you are cranky because he’s in love with you. He will take care of you in every way. He will just simply love and want only you! He will do things that no one else would ever do for you. He’s there somewhere just hold on he will come into your life when the time is right. 
Ok guys I hope y’all had a great day! I’m alright, a little sad I’m alone. No ones come by, oh well life goes on. I wrote all of this because I know there’s lots of other women that go through similar junk like I do and since I was calm enough to write I figured I would try to write encouraging words. Ttyl 
Love Lori 💜💋

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