February 14, 2017

Feeling Great!

Good afternoon! Hope everybody’s having a great Valentine’s Day! I am so far. I had a great workout this morning for two hours with friends & I’m loving it. I think I found something I love almost as much as writing! 
Even though I don’t have no one to spend the day with 😔 I’m doing pretty good today. And right when I started this post UPS came to my door with a big box of flowers!!!!! Omg y’all I’ve never had flowers(Roses!)sent to me like that. It’s awesome! I love love love them! I keep looking at them & smiling😊😊😊!!! Feels great that I was thought of enough! 
With working out and trying to tone up & get tanned…I also have started a change jar to save for something I’ve wanted all my life. I know it’s just change but it adds up-gotta start somewhere. I’m saving for a boob job, it’s not for any man or anybody, it’s for me. It’s just that sometimes it makes me feel less of a woman-crazy I know-and I want to change that. I’m not going huge just bigger 😁. 
I can’t help but think that soon I will be only working online with my writing and I get so excited I could do laps around my house. It’s gonna happen! ❤️ 
I have things in my life that are difficult to deal with, I stumble, I cry, I have bad days when I can’t shake it off but I’m a very strong woman and I will make it through it all. I’m not looking at my bills or my bank account or letting sitting here doing without get to me. I keep looking at the bigger picture and that keeps me motivated. If you want more out of life you gotta keep pushing even when it sucks. I’ve had days where I literally hurt so bad that it becomes unbearable physical pain. It does suck. I can’t let it destroy me and I won’t! 
Love you people and have a great rest of the day!!!
Love, Lori🌹

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