February 12, 2017


How are you guys doing? Hope everyone is ok. It’s almost kinda nice out here in Georgia today, suns not shining but it’s warmer. Can’t wait for summer! 
This morning was day two of the gym and I still love it. I got in the tanning bed too, I’m burnt.😔 The gym helps clear my mind that’s for sure.Now if I could just find something to do at home to occupy me lol.
 I ain’t never felt so lost before in my life. I feel like a failure in every area, it sucks. It seemed everything was getting better then boom..NOT. I’m pissing people off and I don’t mean too. Probably pushed them away from me too, kinda seems that way, really sucks. Just all I need is to lose people. 
Gotta quit my bathroom hiding & crying & get back to work. Ttyl 
Gotta keep going just not sure how……

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