February 7, 2017

Know Your Self Worth!

Sometimes it’s hard for us to truly understand what we’re worth. We just don’t see it. And sometimes it takes going through some junk before you realize it. I’ve been through a lot and I know most of you have too. It’s actually took me going through the cycle a few times before I realized my worth. Having a big heart will sometimes be a bad thing. You will always try to find the good in a person regardless of what they’ve done or said to you, sometimes over & over again.
Let me tell you, once you do realize your worth your untouchable and unstoppable. You all of a sudden see the junk in people and situations. And your basically like ‘Ok I’m better than this and I don’t deserve this’. It’s a nice feeling! Kinda feels like you grew up some and got a little bit stronger. 
I have allowed situations and stuff and most importantly-people to damn near ruin me by trying to find the good in them. It’s ok to look for the good but don’t be blindsided by the bullshit, the lies, and deceit. 

Once you are confronted with the what people and situations really are, don’t keep on pretending it’s all ok because it’s not and probably won’t ever be, you put a stop to it. It’s only going to make your life worse or you’ll end up so hurt. 
It will suck to have to walk away from situations and stuff that you were counting on and working hard towards. If it’s a person, I’ll tell you in advance you will probably get hurt and be hurt for a little awhile but you will be happier in the long run. It won’t suck forever..I promise! I’ve been there done that. Kinda feels like your gonna die and the world has ended, but you won’t and it ain’t! 
Having confidence is very important. Even if you don’t feel like you have an once of it, pretend until you do. I have more confidence now than I’ve ever had in my life. I still have days where I feel like a helpless puppy and whine. But it’s temporary. 

I don’t want you to leave your significant others don’t get me wrong on this…but since I’ve been single I have developed a ton of confidence. I’ve learned to love myself and still in the process of ‘finding myself’. I mean you know who you are to an extent but really learning who you are and what you do or do not like about anything is awesome. 
Just wanted to share my insight, hopefully to inspire other women/men to do the same. Life’s to short to be unhappy. Like I was, if you ain’t happy, do something about it. Change for the better you and a better life.
Lori 💜

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