Hi everyone, having a good day I hope. Me…nah not really. I can’t write today because well…I just can’t. But I decided to do a post with pictures of things and stuff and pictures of myself that make me feel good/sexy/happy and so on. 
Most importantly..My Boys!! They are my whole world! Love them so dearly!!!!!

And of course there has to be dog pics 😁
This little black one is my new puppy. Sadie💕

This little guy below is Brantley and he passed away not long ago😔. I miss him. 

These two are my boxer mix babies. Detroit & Diesel. They’re big but they’re big ole babies! 

Some favorite posts I saved

And some random ones…My home town, I love chocolate! & The mask because it pertains to bondage & fun! And of course my truck-I love my truck, I call her slut cause she’s got so many miles on her😂.

And lastly the pictures that turned out ok and make me feel good about myself❤️

Ok that’s all I got! Only thing I could do today to keep from writing to much. 
Love, Lori 😕
(I do not hold rights to some of these pics) 

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