February 5, 2017

Why I can't write when I'm happy 🤔

So I’ve been up all night reading and well trying to learn about writing and I have discovered why it’s so hard to write when I’m happy or just in a better mood. When I’m sad or mad or my feelings are hurt it’s easy to get on here and whine and complain about all my feelings trying to understand it all. Like being pissed off at my job, financial issues, a friend or a guy hurts my feelings. It’s easy, real easy. 
When I’m happy all I want to do is go out and enjoy the day. I don’t want to sit and be stuck in front of the computer for 2 hours. It makes perfect sense. When I write those dirty posts it takes me 2-3 hours to finish them. But when I’m upset it only takes me like 15-20 minutes to rapidly hit the buttons because I think the whole world needs to know I’m mad. CRAZY.
Now that I somewhat understand it a little better, I have to do my best to refrain from writing while upset and put more effort into writing while I’m happy.
I love it when I figure out something and learn from it. I just gotta learn to shut my damn mouth now…yea make take some time on that😂. 
So at this point the only thing I can think of to write right now is what makes me happy. 

  • Feeling wanted
  • Driving around & jamming out
  • Watching movies 
  • Being off from work 
  • Having REALLY good sex
  • Free from financial stress
  • Spending time with my BOYS
  • Spring & summer
  • Cooking & baking
  • Having lazy days
  • Getting a massage(really need one)
  • Hanging out with somebody who enjoys my company and vice versa 
  • Taking long hot baths 
  • Writing
  • Crafts & woodworking 

This could go on all night! I’m gonna stop there. At least this post ain’t soooo sad y’all, right? Hell I’m happy about it. But I am about to pass out now for real, I haven’t been asleep yet. No worries I don’t work tomorrow so I’ll just sleep in- hey that’s another one that’s a happy thing..sleeping in! 
Everybody have a great day today! I’m gonna hit the hay but I’ll probably be back up by 7 or 8 lol. 
Love y’all, Lori 😁🙃

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