February 4, 2017

Good morning!

Hello everybody! No matter what’s going on in your life, strive to have a good day! I have to do it everyday. It works for the most part. How are y’all doing? You can comment below and talk back to me 😊. 
I don’t have much planned today except working on that spare room of mine. There’s so much junk in there omg. Idk what I’m going to do with it all lol. 
My last post had a lot of anger and hurt in it and I apologize. I’ve done nothing but think about it and I’ve come to the point that no matter what or who is the problem…love yourself, take care of you, and until the situations or people are stable and genuine-don’t give your all to no one or no situation! I talk a lot about loving yourself and that’s because since I’ve been single I realized how important that is. No one will love you or care for you like you will for yourself….No one. 
Always always trust your gut! I swear every time I had a gut feeling about someone or something it turns out it was right, every time! Always take care of you first regardless especially if you ‘just know’ the truth deep down. I’m not talking just about a partner, that goes with anything. Hell I feel like that with my job and I know I need to find another one soon because my gut says they will screw me over. I feel that way with some friends, they ain’t what you think. I have no idea where I’m going with this hahaha. 😂
#1 love and care for yourself.  #2 until given reason, don’t just trust anyone or anything.  #3 don’t waste your heart on someone who don’t feel the same towards you.  #4 enjoy life regardless of your situation!!! 
Ok yea that kinda went around in circles haha. Don’t know if y’all will understand that. It makes since to me but sometimes it’s hard to explain how you feel. Basically the point I’m getting at is I have a big heart and it’s my downfall, I give way too much heart to situations and jobs and things and most importantly-People. And people will let you down so bad it’s ridiculous. That’s the biggest reason I kept to myself all those years, it just hurts too much! And since I’ve been on my own, I’ve already been let down and my feelings have been hurt real bad a couple of times. And whoever hurt me, I will never tell them, just the way I am cause it will make me cry and I hate crying in front of the ones that hurt me, makes me feel weak. 
Ok enough of that shit! I wanted to write a story last night but I passed the hell out! I don’t remember going to sleep, I woke up lost this morning haha. Every time I get on here and write I can’t help but think how exciting it’s going to be when I can get my blog switched over to where it makes money. And as much as I love writing and as often as I want to do it and as many people that already love my blog I should do really well. I’m hoping with everything in me that this will be my job. And of course me and my older sons YouTube channel. ❤️❤️❤️
Well I will try to write a story later, gots to go. Have a great day everybody! 
Love, Lori 😎💋💋💋

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