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Hey everybody! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’m working today but it’s ok, gotta make that money! 
No matter what I am dealing with it or have dealt with it doesn’t stop me from being strong or keeping on keeping on…to be successful. I have changed my mindset and I’m not giving up at all. I’m not getting any younger and I want to enjoy life with traveling and stuff and with the people I love which is a small handful but I love them. Tired of spending the majority of my time making somebody else money. 
I know companies have to have people working to run but I want out! If people are comfortable with that, that’s them but it’s not for me anymore. 
Shit happens and things and people will try to break you. But you can’t allow yourself to be overcome by it all. Things change, people change and they come and go in and out of your life. I personally don’t want to lose any of the people in my life but you just don’t know what the future holds so enjoy and love them as much as you can. I do want the things to change tho, for the better. 
I don’t have much time to write, I’m on a quick break and gotta go. I wanted to share my thoughts on this stuff. Don’t give up no matter what your doing as long as it’s bettering you and your family. 
I meet very very few people who have the same desire and fire that I do wanting to make their life better. It’s sad that so many just settle with what they got and complain instead of doing something about it. 
Love, Lori 💜

Lori Hensley

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