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How are y’all today? I’m good, I’m enjoying my day off being lazy lol. Hope y’all are having a good day. The couch is my buddy when I’m off work. And of course I watch the movie channels all day, I’m a movie nut haha. Pigging out and chilling all day! Now I’m not completely lazy lol, I take care of my dogs and go pee every now and then
I’ve felt good all day today, pretty happy about that. I had a great morning, and my youngest son has hung out with me almost all day. He cracks me up, he’s just like me! Crazy as hell
I’m looking for ideas of some stuff to write, not just short stories. Like some lists of cool stuff to make up, I’m looking at maybe an add on to my bucket list or some silly facts and stuff. Idk yet but y’all will see them when I post them. 
I know some people are reading my posts that don’t agree with what I write or my lifestyle and that’s ok, not everybody will like me. But please don’t be judgmental because you don’t agree, you don’t have to read. Thanks
I’m really hoping I will moving soon and I can’t wait. After I get everything settled down and took care of I will be able to afford to make my blog big and generate money from it. And also I’ll be able to get the camera equipment for my vlogging, which in the near future will generate money as well. I’m still on fire to be successful and I’m fighting every day to succeed. I WILL Succeed!
Also…I’ll be able to afford to start on my ‘Purple Room’ !!!!! Yay! It’s gonna be so hot & sexy!. Boy at the stories that will come from there! 
Ok bye y’all for now. I’m gonna go find something cool to write about..lists and stuff. May be back on here to post them tonight idk yet lol. 
Love, Lori
& I love my besties & all of y’all!

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