January 29, 2017

Missing my lil puppy

Good early morning. I slept a few hours. Can’t wait until this work day is over with! I’m going to try and get up early tomorrow to go find another job or two, I’ve never been so done with a job before in my life and the people. So much stupidity and immaturity that it makes me sick to go in. 
My little pitbull puppy died yesterday. I’m not at all happy about it. I don’t know what happened either. I found him laying like he laid down to sleep all cuddled up but he wasn’t alive. No marks no sickness. Sucks, my first pitbull I’ve ever had & he died on me. 😐
So does this mean that shit is gonna continue for me this year too??? I really think I’ve been through enough last year to do me for a long damn time! Already, one of my dogs is gone, job is getting worse, financially gonna go under again, did I mention the job sucks? Being miserable at your job makes everything suck. No I’m not that happy this morning. 
I done something yesterday just to see how it would go.Needless to say I don’t cross people’s minds.Oh well, all I’m gonna say. Fuck it. 
It’s really quite without my noisy pitbull, too quite. I don’t like it. I’ve surrounded myself with noise to drown out the silence. Damn this sucks he’s gone. I miss him already. 
Even with all this bullshit going on. I’m being hopeful that a door will be opening for me soon. One that will change my life financially. I’ll be able to breathe for the first time since I’ve been single. Can’t wait. 
Well since I’m up I guess I’m gonna clean up the house before getting ready for work. All I do, my life is pretty boring lol. Work, clean, sleep…repeat. No excitement in the middle nowhere. Blah Blah Blah. I need excitement tho! What am I gonna write about if it stays boring haha?? 
Have a good day everyone! Ttyl.
Love, Lori 💔💔💔

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