January 29, 2017

I'm a mess🙃 

Hello everybody. It’s been a long day for me at work. I really can’t wait til I find something else. I’m over working 12 hour shifts without a doubt, I’ve been doing it going on 4 years now. 
I am a mess😂. I’m not kidding. It’s hard being a female dammit or hard to be me haha. One day I’ll want this n that, then the next day it completely changes…crazy. I was talking to my friend earlier and I told her I kinda want a man but I kinda like being alone. Like I want all the stuff that comes from having a man but I don’t want him around hahaha. Like cuddling, & massages, sex whenever I WANT it & making me feel all loved & shit & the list goes on lol. Being single is growing on me tho, finally. I’m liking the fact that I do what I want haha. And I don’t want to give that up but if I get with somebody I lose that. 
I do wish there was someone there at night and in the mornings tho lol, I know crazy. To hold me and let me know I can do this, that I can make it on my own and to feel safe, & do all those things under the covers 😉. To feel  safe tho-that’s a big one, sometimes I get scared and all I can do is woman-up and deal. It’s really sad y’all to go home and nothing….complete silence…. I turn on the tv, the fan, and listen to dogs play but it’s aggravating tho. I wonder if people would come do chores at my house just so I could have conversations 😁😁😁 and give me massages lol. I’m kidding! 
I’m bored siting here at work waiting on time to go home. Idk what to say really but nobody’s talking to me, messenger is quite…..so I figured I’d write lol. I’m sitting in the floor leaned up against one of my machines cause it puts out heat, I’m freezing to death lol. Lalalalalala 🤣.
I’m wanting to go for a long drive, just drive. Don’t wanna go in nowhere or nothing. Gotta break the monotony, it’s driving me nuts. 
Haha ok I’m out of things to say! Bye bye😜
Love, Lori 💚

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