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Good Evening

Hey everybody, how are y’all doing today? Me, not so good, had to stay home from work today. As you know from my last post I have decided to change but….I am not able to change everything. Reason being is because I’m being myself for the first time in my life. Now there’s a lot I am changing about my life but being myself I can’t , I simply cannot do it. Now I’m ‘ok’ at writing my stories and I simply do not want to stop. It fascinates me and it’s a part of my life…writing. Yea I could change the topic to something else but honestly I’ve ran ideas through my head and they’re so boring I can’t even bring myself to begin to write them. I mean I’m just writing for crying out loud. I’m not doing what I’m writing. I’m not dating or hooking up to do them. So I don’t see the problem with me writing my stories. I don’t feel convicted of them. The things I do feel convicted of I’m changing. So, you know it’s my life and it’s between me & God. If he directs me to stop writing them then I will. Anybody’s opinion of me is irrelevant. I don’t care what people think, it’s not their business. The only thing I’m not changing is my writing. I’m not trying to justify it either. Just stating the fact that I will continue to write and don’t wanna hear negative judgements from anybody. I could pick anybody and state things I think they should change but it ain’t my business just like my writing is no one’s business.
With that being said…ahhh I feel better. I’m not gonna sit around and pretend to be someone I’m not. I will continue my life with God from now on. But I will not be a dried up prune sitting around poking judgement at everybody to change, that’s the biggest reason I will not attend church anymore. I was shown how REAL christians are in the church and I’m not interested. Yes I was ridiculed and attacked by a church, me & my family. 
Anyway. I won’t write no more about all that nonsense. Just pointing out one of the reasons I may have started slipping awhile back. That and life in general. 
I cannot wait to get this blog setup on another site. It will then begin to generate money. It won’t be asking for money from y’all don’t worry, that’s not how it works, it’s all from advertising just like YouTube. And once it becomes enough I can begin to get ready to travel because I won’t have to work outside of home or rv lol. Everything I’ve wrote will just be moved from one site to another, and you’ll be redirected once it’s changed over. So y’all won’t miss nothing. I can’t wait! 
Later tonight I’m gonna write a story 😜. I’m having withdrawals haha because I haven’t wrote nothing in awhile lol. For me it builds up and I gotta write to let it out. Now I may start a whole another blog that can be for those more boring stories, idk if I will because it bores me. It may end up just being like a help and talk page for those of us that have been through some real shit in our lives. That way I can keep the two topics separated, this one as my journal and sexy stories and the other for guidance and helpful topics and scripture to where we can help each other out. I know that sounds crazy to some but hey…remember it’s my life not yours. I’m excited about both blogs and feel great about it. All I can say is if people don’t like’t read neither one then. Just like Facebook, if you don’t like the post, keep scrolling haha. I’m not trying to be mean just trying to weed out any nonsense and explain it before I start getting messages after I post this. I really shouldn’t have to explain myself though but I know how people are. Lol
Talk to y’all later! Have a good rest of the day!
Love, Lori ❤️😘😘😘

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