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I’m back! 😁 Told y’all I would be. Any who…The other post I wrote today I went in and updated it because I don’t want people thinking I’m looking for a man when I said I wanted to go out and meet people. I literally only mean talking to people, leave and, not talk to no more. Crazy I know but I don’t need no junk in my life. And no it’s not mean lol. I’m not getting to know them just small talk haha wherever I am. Being sociable is all. 
It’s weird how I can watch myself change with the being lonely crap. Lol so weird! I see myself getting better or learning how to deal with it and look back at the last couple of months like ‘Eh I got this, that wasn’t so bad’.  I still have a day or actually it’s getting to where it’s a few hours of having a bad fit lol. I will cry my eyes out or have no emotions at all. Again…weird. Glad it’s going away. Feeling myself again. Love it!
Ok that sex bucket list has my attention haha. I’m still searching for more, surely people have done or want to do crazier stuff than what I’m finding. I was looking earlier and I only seen one thing which was skinny dipping, I’ve never done that but I’d like to. I’m thinking it would be more interesting to write down all that I’ve done hahaha😂😂. Idk if I could or should do that, some of y’all would never look at me the same haha!! 
I know I haven’t been writing anything dirty much lately. Idk how to explain that when I’m all down I can’t think straight at all. My secret to writing like that is I have to be horny & turned on. And I just let my imagination go wild. I don’t write everything I think up because y’all may think I’m weird as hell haha. But who doesn’t think wild n crazy shit especially when masturbating? 😁 I will write more, I haven’t stopped. I love it too much! 
Ok I’m done tonight lol. Can’t think of nothing else to say. I hope y’all had a good day, I did! 😉 No matter what your going thru, just smile & say today I choose to be happy & stick to it! Love y’all!!
Love, Lori 💋

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