January 21, 2017


How is everybody? All this rain ugh. It knocked me out of working my other job, sucks. I swear I wish I knew a faster way to make money other than hitting the lottery-which would be awesome, but I’m serious tho. I have read and researched so much stuff. I tried to study and understand all that stocks stuff but I don’t get it, seems shady. 
I was supposed to go out last night but I wasn’t ready and just said to heck with it cause I done got lazy lol. I’ll be ready next time tho. I wanna meet new people I really do but not from social media if you get my point. I’ve come across a lot of freaks & idiots through social media so I want to go out and actually meet people & get to know them, you know the ole fashion way haha. Most of all I wanna dance!! Dance with the my girls & strangers. I’m tired of sitting here waiting around. Don’t get me wrong I love my lazy days but once in a while I’d like to go out with no expectations of nothing & just meet people. No plans for a date, nothing. I love it when I’m out at just a store & some cute girl or guy just starts talking to me, pretty cool. 
Oh yeah, just remembered something I wanted to say. I was looking at people’s sex bucket lists yesterday & to my surprise out of all I read there was only a few I haven’t done hahaha. I’m talking about lists of 50 or more lol. Idk how many I read but as I came across stuff I haven’t done I wrote it down….sex on a train, sex with no kissing, sex on a beach, using whipped cream, kiss/sex in the rain, actual phone sex, watch porn together(have done but not recently), tantric sex-(which means from beginning to end of having sex with someone you both take everything very slow all the way to the finish.) 
Anyway, short & sweet. Getting off here. I’ll be back later with more 😁 I promise lol. 
Love, Lori ❤️
P.S. Just to clarify. Meeting people does not mean I’m looking for a boyfriend, not at all, not even a fuck buddy. So don’t take it all wrong. It literally means JUST meeting new people, not dating them. Plz don’t blow my phone up about dating, thanks 😊

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