January 16, 2017

Morning Y'all

So glad I’m off work today! These 12 hour weekends are killing me lol. I’ve got to find a less manly job. But hey I didn’t pull no more muscles haha. 
I don’t know if anybody seen where I was arguing with some random guy on Facebook or not. He was on my friends list but he’s now blocked. He got mad at me because I wouldn’t date him. He started using my loneliness against me saying I was just writing about it to get sympathy from you guys. Really pissed me off! Those that don’t know me may think that. Those that do know me, know damn well I don’t seek sympathy to get attention from nobody. Just ain’t me. I write because it’s an outlet & I love writing that’s all. I guess I have to expect a few low life’s here & there. It’s annoying though, that because of writing about sex & being lonely they’ll blow up my phone wanting to date(no not all of you, if you ain’t blocked it ain’t you). But I’m talking about the ones that get mad at me because I won’t date or send pictures or won’t sext with them. Loneliness doesn’t mean I want to date or have sex. Hell just read my shit for crying out loud. I don’t need sex duh, pay attention. I don’t make up ‘my guy’….I’m satisfied! And it don’t mean I need a bunch of men to be my man either. I may say I want something later on down the road but it don’t mean right now, I’m not looking. I need my time.  And I refuse to date a bunch of men nothing personal, whoever is my forever will just be there. Period.
Anyway….had to put that out there. Phone is driving me nuts haha. 
Well I’m trying to get motivated & get in the shower but it ain’t working. Me & Cory are supposed to try to do a video today for our YouTube channel. I have no idea what we’re gonna do still lol. 
I know I haven’t been writing as much. But I noticed if I’m down & out..it is the worst time to write. I say & think things I shouldn’t. When I’m calm I write & think clearly…I’m me! Lol
Yes I’m still on fire about being successful this year. I have bad days just like everybody else, I’m human. But it don’t mean I gave up. I want to be to the point to where I’m only working for myself. Not making other people money anymore. I’m only going in circles working regular ole jobs. I’m not climbing, not getting better, still doing without. I’m sick of it! I will come out on top….and Soon!
I wasn’t going to say nothing but, I did talk with my ex husband and we’re cool now. I know most couples don’t really keep in touch but in our case…..we have too. Our older son has avm’s on his brain(cloud like lesions), when they bleed he has a seizure or if they grow some. He has 3-4 now. And he has a new doctor who’s supposed to be really good, he was talking about trying laser surgery on Cory but we’re freaked out by it! He had major brain surgery when he was only 4 years old. It was scary, I was completely terrified. We all were. But back then they said he shouldn’t have surgery again because he could wake up and not remember anybody or anything NOT even know who HE was. So we are scared to death, me, my ex, & our younger son Brent. So for him we have to get along. 
Well I’m gonna go get showered & purtied up for the camera haha😁. Hope everyone has a great day!!
Love, Lori ❤️

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