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Do you have someone to tell everything about you to?

Hello everyone again today. I hope y’all had fun in the snow. I barely even went outside, it was too cold for me! So me & these 3 dogs of mine sat here in the house all day lol. Yes they have drove me crazy! Every step I take they’re right behind me. I don’t know how many times they tripped me haha. I tried to run in bathroom to pee and get away but they bombarded me and the door. So I had to swat at cold noses trying to pee!😂😂 I need a maid, to me my house stinks to the high heavens. 
The reasoning for the title is because I was thinking today about stuff that I’ve never shared with anyone & I don’t know if I ever could. Things that probably should stay left unsaid. But God how I want it off my chest! Y’all know how I am. Lol

Does anyone really have someone to tell their life to that won’t judge them? Or walk away & have nothing else to do with them? I have a few that I talk to but I don’t know if I want to say anything about the dark secrets to them. It’s not necessarily anything I’ve done, just stuff I’ve went through, weird sick shit that’s happened. I suppose we all have those things. But like I said probably better left unsaid. 

I think people will listen but I developed this thing where I feel like I’m boring to others. And I won’t be heard. My mom was one that I could tell her anything & she never stopped loving me. I wish I could talk to her. 
I have longed for that over the things that truly hurt. Even when my mother passed away, I spent every day & night struggling with the mourning on my own. People telling me time will heal…wtf? That don’t help no one! And newsflash, it’s been 4 years since she passed…I’m no better today than that day. There’s a few things I hope someday someone will let me cry & tell my stories to them. 

This is me. Most of the music I listen to or post on Facebook, I’m trying to say something. Not always to somebody, just maybe about me, how I feel or whatever. So when your significant other wants you to listen to a song, try it next time and listen like the words are coming out of their mouth. 
Yes it’s been one of those days lol. That lonely shit today. I think it’s funny how every time I say I’ve had a good day the next one is shitty..ugh! 
Anyway, I’m gonna try to get some sleep. Ttyl
Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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