January 7, 2017

In The Mirror

Jill just moved into her very first home and she loved it. It was an older home with modern upgrades. She was so excited and proud. Her home was a pretty good sized home for a single woman but she wanted a family in the near future. The home has a huge yard that is beautiful. Lots of rooms, a basement, and an attic which she hasn’t been in yet. 
Jill has been in her home for about a month now. And she was off work one day and decided to scope out the attic. She pulled the attic stairs down from the ceiling. As she climbed the stairs she could tell there was a lot of light coming through. When Jill got to the top and stepped onto the attic floor she couldn’t believe how much stuff was left behind. There was musical equipment. Holiday decorations like crazy. Tons of boxes as well. There was sheets over some of the bigger items. 
Jill was looking through boxes and noticed what looked like nice furniture. She walked up to it and pulled the sheet off, it was a very old but beautiful dresser. She started pulling all the sheets off and to her surprise everything was so pretty. The piece that caught her eye was a full length mirror. It was huge. She was staring into the mirror and she blinked her eyes and shook her head because she thought she seen something. She stepped back looking at it. The mirror suddenly had beautiful colors swirling around the length of the mirror. She couldn’t move and then thought well I must have hit a button or something. As she was feeling around looking for a switch her right hand was touching the mirror and she felt the lightest touch on her hand. She took off screaming and running to the other side of the attic. 
She peeped around a box looking at it, it still had the colors swirling then switched to what looked like an open doorway to a gorgeous garden looking place. Her curiosity over powered her fear. Jill slowly walked towards the mirror, staring intently at the scene in the mirror. As she stood in front of it she reached out to touch the mirror with her fingertips. Her fingers seemed to push through the mirror when she touched it. 
She kept pushing her hand then her arm through the mirror then pulled it back. Then she did the same thing with both hands and took a step into the mirror. Jill had walked into a mirror in her attic. 
On the other side Jill turned around to look at the mirror and she seen her attic. She couldn’t help but notice the sweet smell in the air. She started to walk and noticed she wasn’t wearing her clothes, she had on clothes that made her look like a princess. She was in disbelief but was curious as to how or what this is. Jill walked just a little ways away from the mirror and the beauty of the place was awesome. It was romantic looking everywhere. Jill seen a wooden seated swing hanging from a tree and she walked up and sat down on it, barely swinging, she felt what felt like someone running their fingers through her hair. It felt so relaxing she didn’t even jump. Then it stopped. She began swinging and she felt herself becoming turned on. The higher she swung the more turned on she became. She pushed off to swing a little higher and then Jill couldn’t push off anymore but just barely hang on, she was in full climax. As she slowly stopped swinging she was looking around and there was no one. It was the most intense climax she’s had so far in her life. Feeling all good and sweet, Jill walked back toward the mirror. She looked around and slowly walked back through the mirror into her attic. She looked down and her normal clothes were back on her. She looked at the mirror and it was normal. She covered it back up with a sheet and went back down the stairs to call her best friend. 
Jill talked her girlfriend into coming over the next day. When Amy her girlfriend got there, Jill started to explain the mirror to Amy. After Jill was done talking, Amy busted out with laughter. Jill got ill with her and said have I ever lied to you? Amy then stopped smiling and said ok take me to this mirror. When they were in the attic, Amy was more interested in what all the stuff was. Jill uncovered the mirror and Amy walked up and said so this is it huh? What does it do? Jill said I don’t know really but like I told you I climaxed in there without touching myself or being touched. Amy looking at Jill like she lost her mind. 
Then the swirling colors appeared and Amy jumped back…what the hell jill? But Amy’s eyes were locked into the colors like Jill’s were. Jill walked through the mirror and Amy stepped up and said you ain’t getting some without me, you gotta share and Amy walked through the mirror. They both stood there looking at each other an they had on beautiful clothing, Amy said wow it smells so good in here or out or whatever. They walked further than Jill did the first time. They came up to the clearest little pond with a dock. They walked to the end and sat down beside each other. Neither one said anything. Amy felt her back being massaged and Jill’s thighs were being rubbed but they couldn’t see anyone. Finally Amy asked Jill quietly, is this some sort of sexual fairy land or something? Jill shrugged her shoulders. 
They both were gently pushed to lay back and when they did there wasn’t a dock under them but there was grass, they were in the greenest field with pink flowers everywhere. They were lying shoulder to shoulder beside each other. Both girls were looking at how amazing the sky was and didn’t realize they were completely nude because the temperature was perfect in that place. Jill looked over at Amy and said your naked and so am I! They were a little startled but very curious because of Jill’s experience the day before. 
Their bodies were covered in glitter and glistening from the sun shining on them. They looked at each other and didn’t have nothing to say just stared. Then the exact same things started happening to both of them at the same time. Their temples were rubbed, felt fingers through their hair. Felt kissing on the neck then down their chests. Gentle sucking on their breasts. Kissing down their stomachs…then it stopped. They looked at each other to see if the other ones stopped. Amy said I need more, Jill agreed. They heard a voice say close your eyes, so they did. Sudden opening of their thighs and the most intense sucking on their vagina. It was gentle yet rough at the same time. They could feel a person there this time. When they opened their eyes there was two handsome men with each ones face buried. When the oral had stopped the men were gone. The girls were looking around for them but had no sight of them. 
They got up and walked around. They came up to a huge gorgeous wishing well out in the field which was odd, but the whole place was rather odd. They were leaning on the well and talking then all of a sudden Jill was highly attracted to her friend, she tried to ignore it but apparently Amy felt the same thing. They couldn’t fight it. They started kissing and touching, taking turns sucking on each other’s breasts and vagina. They were so hot and so wet and so turned on they couldn’t hardly stand it. It was the most intense feelings they’ve ever had. 
Just then those two men were standing next to them and bent them over the wishing well and pounded both girls, the men switched girls and kept pounding. They both were in such pleasure they screamed at every thrust. When they reached an extremely high orgasm the thrusting stopped and the men were gone. 
They looked at each other and smiled and then walked back to the mirror. Amy went first then Jill. As soon as Jill walked through, the mirror looked normal again and they were back in normal clothes. 
They walked back down the stairs and sat down in the living room. They were exhausted. Amy told Jill, look I’m not into women but that was fucking awesome. Jill agreed smiling. They never told anyone else, they kept it to their self. They visited that place at least once or twice a week together and had fun with each other and new experiences every time they entered. The end!
Love, Lori

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