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Cold Morning

Hey everyone, hope y’all are home safe and warm. It’s too cold out there to be out & about.  I actually didn’t think we would get snow, we normally don’t when they forecast it. I’m sitting here watching the news which I don’t do anymore, but they making a mountain out of a mole hill. It’s hardly anything in most places. Well to me it is lol. When ‘feet’ is the measurement…then you have snow, inches to me is like a dusting. They talk like there’s a couple of feet lol. 
I brought my 2 boxer mix dogs in yesterday evening cause it’s so cold. Diesel & Detroit are living it up! Lol, they lay around like they own the place, so cute! I’d say when I go to take them back outside before I go to work Monday I’ll have to drag them back out. 
See how comfy they are, they’re loving it! Lol
The night before y’all know I got scared because I heard noises. Well last night I fell asleep a lot easier. These 2 dogs are not going to let anyone walk through that door without them attacking. They loves me 😊. If the house or the fire place makes a popping noise…they’re on it. They jump up to check it out all serious like lol. It’s not as comforting as a man being around but pretty close. 
I know I ain’t talked much about it but I’m getting better every day with being alone. It’s getting to where I like it. I make the rules haha. I’m not one of those women who ran the relationship and everything had to be my way. No, I did whatever to make them happy, put myself aside all the time. And didn’t get nothing in return not even gifts on birthdays and holidays. That’s why I wrote about my birthday last month. It was awesome. Everything I got wasn’t the thing, it was being made to feel like I exist and was appreciated. Felt awesome! Not that my boys didn’t try their best all those years, because they did, they are the only ones that truly love me for me regardless and always will. It’s just that you’d expect the same from someone that says they love you. That’s as far as I’m going to talk about it lol. I really enjoy NOT feeling lonely everyday, wonderful feeling. 
I guess we’re not doing a video today either. I’ll be damned if I’m driving around with those idiots today. Stupidly is what causes people to wreck with winter weather. Maybe Sunday we can. 
I think I’m gonna go back to sleep this morning & take a nap lol then get up and make me some biscuits & gravy with sausage & eggs. Then I’m gonna have to scrub my floors,3 dogs running around, it looks like hell & probably smells like it too. 
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!! ❤️
Love, Lori

Lori Hensley

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