January 6, 2017

Good Morning πŸ’œ

Oh it’s so cold in my house! I went to sleep with jogging pants, t-shirt, hoodie on, & under 3 blankets…..& I still woke up freezing to death!! I think it’s supposed to be really cold the next few days, yay me. I wonder if we will actually get snow tonight? Town is already panicking, closing down schools today when the snow ain’t supposed to come in til like 10-11 tonight, lol. I’ve lived in georgia for almost 23 years & I still laugh at these crazy people every winter. Pussies haha that’s what comes to mind. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Let’s put it this way, my state growing up didn’t freak out until the school buses with snow chains on their tires couldn’t push through the snow anymore. That’s how we handle it. The dusting that we get around here is funny from watching everyone panic! LOL
Sorry had to be mean 😈. Anyway, my house does not have central heat so therefore I have to run a kerosene heater, fireplace, & 2 space heaters to keep from freezing to death. I absolutely despise it and I will move when I get a chance if I can’t come up with a better heating plan. I’m glad I have a home but it feels just like it did when I was growing up. Honestly I don’t wanna live old school lol. I freaking want a thermostat!!! Smh at the situation but laughing as well, only me haha. 
My pulled muscle still hurts this morning. It’s not as bad as yesterday but still hurts. Sucks because I can’t workout or nothing. And I’m right handed so you know hahaha!!!! That put a quick stop to that😜. 
I’m probably gonna have to bring my outside dogs inside tonight & keep them inside while I’m off, supposed to be really cold. Should be an adventure or a really big nightmare!! I have 3 male dogs who are not neutered & they all 3 are little assholes! So I’m probably gonna be miserable lol. 
It’s almost 8am & I’m sitting here needing to take a shower and go, I got stuff to do today but it’s too cold to move! Not that I’m panicking but I do need kerosene and something for supper lol. But I have to have kerosene all the time or I freeze. Just a coincidence lol. I swear!
Oh and when I bring in my dogs I’m gonna have to bathe their big asses….I so dread it . They use to live inside so hopefully they’ll still do ok with it. 
No names but I want to thank a new friend for helping me out this week. You went out of your way & you didn’t have to & you hardly even know me. I know you read these so you’ll know who you are lol. Thank you so much! It helps a lot!!!!
I noticed the numbers of people reading the last few have slowed way down. I guess some are getting tired of me lol Idk. Oh well, I ain’t stopping. I love this being able to write & vent. Not having someone here to tell how my day went is difficult to swallow, writing on here makes that easier to deal with. My gf helped me at work carrying my bags & holding doors open because of my shoulder. She so sweet! I love her to death! She’s had a toothache the last couple of days & I wish I had the money to send her to a dentist, don’t like seeing her in pain no more than she likes seeing me in pain.  Love you girl!
Last night I was in bed playing on my phone and I heard what sounded like somebody took a few steps across the floor in living room. Scared the shit outta me!!! I froze and couldn’t move. I finally made it in there with a flashlight lol. I scoped the whole house out scared to death. I guess it was floor just creaking Idk. Moments like that suck when I don’t have a man here to check things out and curl up to the rest of the night because I was still scared even though I didn’t find nothing lol. Living alone is all good but there’s times like that,that make it suck. I’m strong, tough, & independent, but even I still wanna be helpless in a mans arms from time to time, it just feels good. 
Well I guess I’ll hush, if not I’ll just keep rambling lol. It’s hard to hush when I’ve got so much to say, the walls don’t listen hahaπŸ˜‚.
Anyway, have a great day everybody!!!!
Love, Lori πŸ’œ

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