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Bored At Work

Hey y’all! So..I go back to work yesterday after our Christmas break off from work. I didn’t even make it half way through the day and I frigging hurt myself. I was unloading my belt which consists of picking them up off belt(which are big and kinda heavy), then loading them onto a buggy. At some point I done something wrong and pulled a muscle in front right shoulder area. It damn hurts let me tell ya!!! I was crying like a baby. I fount my boss and he took me to the nurse who puts me on ‘light duty’, and put a sling on my arm. They had heat & ice pads stuck to me…I kinda looked funny lol. Then they gave me pain pills 😁 which work well I will say! 
I’m still on light duty today. Don’t really feel any better tho. I’m jacked up on pain pills so for short periods of time I can’t feel nothing hehe. It’s only noon and I’m ready to go so bad! I got eight more long hours. 
I can’t wait to start second job and make some money. Sick of being broke. I’m not sure if we get to do a video this weekend or not, it’s supposed to snow here and I ain’t getting out lol. Hell no! 
I’m freezing to death here at work. I think I’m in need of cuddling haha and my body hurts dammit. I so cannot wait til my bathroom is re done, I want to take a bath so bad!!!!! Hate only taking showers, just not as relaxing. Anyway my break is over I gotta go. Ttyl!!!!
Love, Lori

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