January 4, 2017

Morning, not much sleep for me….

I think I seriously need to start taking sleeping pills or that liquid night time stuff again. I don’t wanna go to sleep til like 4am ugh. Oh well I’m up. After finishing this post I’m gonna make some breakfast and coffee,then exercise then hit the shower. I hope y’all have a wonderful day!! 

This is mine and my sons new YouTube channel. ‘The Southliferz’. We’re hoping that this Friday or Saturday we get to do our first real video. I’m so excited! We spent about two hours coming up with a name, it was hilarious at the stuff we put together. But our name meaning is well…for one because the south is the best, and two lifer means for life. I don’t see us ever leaving the south so we’re here for life….Southliferz! 😎 We have tons of video ideas already. Can’t wait til this channel and writing is the only jobs I have! Love it already!
After I start making money from my second job and get some bills caught up. I’m going to buy some t-shirts with our logo on it and put vinyl lettering on my back window. That’s how serious and how much work I’m putting into this. If you want something you have to go after it. Nobody is going to give it you. My son Cory can’t wait til we start making money because this will be his first job. His situation doesn’t allow him to work around hardly anything because of seizures, not the falling down ones, his are blank blackout stares. Bless his heart. I hope I can get my younger son Brent involved in some videos because he can make people laugh, he’s just got it like that lol. 
I’ll probably change the logo, not the name tho. I was thinking of not sticking to one color but using a variety. I’m telling ya I’m so excited! It seems crazy like how am I gonna do all this with two jobs, writing, and doing videos. I’ll figure it out, it’ll work out because it’s what I want. Probably have to change schedule around some. And stop napping haha! 
This girl below is kicking ass this year!! I will be successful. Not giving up anymore. I’m putting myself first like I should have done a long time ago. #thisislorisyear! 

Love all y’all!!!

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