January 4, 2017

Good Evening 

Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a good day. Today was my last day off from our Christmas break from work. Sucks cause I don’t wanna go back…;(. With everything I’ve got in me and then some…I won’t have to continue this kinda ‘work’ life much longer. Yes I’m still on fire! 
This is the first time writing today lol. I just for once had nothing to say…weird. I still don’t really tho, but I’m just gonna write down whatever the hell comes to mind while I write this hahaha. 
I’m still in awe at the confidence level I’m on. I love it. I feel like I can do anything! The sadness spells seem to be ending slowly but surely. So glad because that shit sucks! Laying there with no emotion, can’t cry, smile, talk, eat,or nothing, I wouldn’t even smoke and wouldn’t get up to go to bathroom til I just couldn’t hold it any longer, won’t get on facebook or answer my phone. And a big one…I didn’t want nothing to do with sex or watching my porn haha. (Shhhhh). Again I’m sooo glad it’s ending!!!! I truly feel bad for anybody that feels like I did. It will fuck you up! 
Y’all I have never truly experienced what it feels like to be in’love’ with yourself like I do now. It is amazing. I wish I could’ve loved myself a long time ago tho. It’s like everything I do or anything I was good at I’m now GREAT at. It makes a huge difference in your life. Haha I love Me!!!! 💜
Hey…hehe, it’s always great when your so sore you can’t go no more!!!💋 Sorry I have to share, y’all know you love to read about it haha. From the comments, I know what y’all want ;).  So yes…it was OMG! I need to put together some of our moments and make a sexual desires 3. Mmmmm. 
Annnnd…this new confidence level has caused my sexual drive to become even higher! I’m a mess y’all haha. I love it tho! I’m not sure what to do with myself haha. I literally have to practice not getting excited..no joke lol. Hahahaha DAMN mhmmmm!
I don’t know if y’all remember me writing about it. But I want a ‘purple’ room, like 50 shades of grays red room. That would be a hot ass damn room! I also really want a sound system with lights and shit to dance to, I love dancing a lot so I need something big. 
Ok I’m running out of shit to say lol. I gotta go to bed tonight, gotta go to work in the morning..yuck.  Love you guys n gals!

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