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Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a good night! I had to spend mine by myself but hey oh well, I made it lol. 
I made my first New Year resolution ever. I never made one before because I thought they were stupid. ‘I will be successful this year’ is mine! I’m not giving up and I’m gonna fight even harder for it. I want it so bad I can’t hardly stand it. I posted a video but I was sleepy lol. But I was trying to say that me and my older son are starting today on a YouTube channel together. I’m excited! Hopefully together we can make it take off. I don’t know what I’ll be successful in but I will be. 
I’m so broke that I actually tried selling myself on the internet….to say the least I’m disgusted by it and I’m shutting it down today!  I don’t want to be known on the internet because of that shit, no way! To be popular as a writer and youtuber..Yes!!!,but who I was spreading for…Hell No! 
I don’t know where or what or how but you can bet your sweet ass I will be successful! I’m on fire about it! Ain’t nobody to hold me back or in my way. I’m single and I’m going full force for it. I’m tired of living the normal just barely making it life, can’t go nowhere, can’t have fun, boring, always working life. Soon that will end and I know if I keep fighting I can make it happen! 
I love you guys & gals! Have a wonderful day! I’m going to meet with my son and we’re going to start working on our thing. I’m so excited I have this fire inside me! I know I can because I’m tough and I’m stubborn as hell, I don’t give up so easily! Woohoo!! 😊
Love ya, Lori 

Lori Hensley

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