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Hello everybody! I want everybody to have a good and safe night tonight! But fun too lol. 
I had to wait until I calmed downed before I could write today. When I’m upset is when I say shit I shouldn’t. But when somebody I care about turns on me it’s hard for me to do because this is my outlet. 
Anyway, hopefully it’ll all blow over soon. Kinda adds to making me feel alone but I’m handling it a lot better than I was. I’m still ok and still being strong with everything. I’m gonna make it! I will be starting a second job real soon within a week probably. And a third one online. So some extra income will take a shit ton of stress off me. Probably gonna have to move though, I think my house is really old and falling apart. Big problem with the floors. 
You know what’s cool is when you become friends with somebody that asks how your day was and how your doing, very few I do know ask me that so it’s pretty cool. Not trying to screw you or nothing. Just being a friend. I need those kinda friends. Life is hard. 
It’s kinda sad to be alone today too because my mom wouldn’t go to bed until the ball fell. When I was growing up we had to sit in living room with her. After I grew up and moved out until she died she would call or I’d have to stay online with her until it fell. So it kinda sucks 😔.  But I’ll make it. 
Again, anybody that needs someone to just talk to to get your troubles off your mind, I’m here for you. Don’t carry them around. 
Talk to y’all later! 
Love, Lori

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