Hey Everybody!

Hey Everybody!

Hope your day is going good. I’m being lazy today haha. Just one of them days and it’s one of my days off so why not? Lol
Y’all know I’m single.duh lol. It’s hard for me to make it. Some weeks are ok then some are not so great. But what I’m getting at….would you go out of your normal ‘limits’ to do what you have to do to survive? Just to get things took care of? Doing a job you normally wouldn’t do? Well I’m considering it and I’m trying to make my mind up by tonight. Idk. I’m not like against what I’m talking about I’ve just never done it and no I’m not saying what it is haha. Advice 😊?
Anyway I would love to start getting feedback on here from you guys. I want to hear from all y’all. 
Reminder: That ebook is published and ready. “Lori Hensley’s blog compilation ” on Amazon. And I did a video for my YouTube account. I’m asking for some of you to please share and help me spread the word. I’m not an expert at helping but there could be someone out there that has no one to talk to. And I can definitely talk and I’ve been there. 
I actually felt a little of that sadness earlier and found myself staring out the window. Could be why I’m being lazy today idk, but I’m ok, I’m watching chick flicks haha and pigging out. 
Ok so I think I’m going blind lol. Where or how’s the cheapest way to get some new glasses. The ones I have don’t help at all anymore. I’ve been using a $1 pair of reading glasses to write with lol. Remember I’m a broke chick haha, go easy and cheap. Lol
Thank you all for taking the time to read my stuff, I appreciate a lot!! Have a good rest of the day!!! 
Love, Lori 

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  • As long as you are SAFE and OK with it! Don’t matter what anyone thinks. Just don’t wander off of your positive path! Have a great day Lori!!

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