December 29, 2016

Happy Happy

Hey y’all! Hope everybody is having a good day so far. I may not be completely all better, I do still have issues but hell who don’t? But I tell ya, just by speaking stuff out in that ebook I feel 100 times better. I just wish that I could reach people that carry this around too. I’m trying my best to spread the word. If you know of people that have been through some bad stuff, guide them here to read daily please. I can either help them with that, make em laugh or turn em on lol. So I know I could help somehow:). I know I’m already helping some out, I’ve been told by several. There’s no way I could stop writing now. This is what I want and love.
Something else I have a problem with is taking shit too seriously. I’ve always done that. I’ll stand on just anybody’s word too. I guess because I know I’ll do what I tell ya and I reckon I expect the same out of everybody, but not all keep their word. And that’s their thing, no problem. It’s just me, my little problem. It’s working I think lol. I basically just tell myself whenever I’m told something or something needs to be done or whatever…It is what it is and stressing don’t change it. It’s working because I’m not as stressed out and I’m slowly getting out of the house more and wanting to clean and do stuff. Hopefully I can maintain it.
Take whatever the problem is..think about it..does it matter enough to stress about? Most problems don’t. I’ve been through some serious shit all my life and for me to be able to overcome the majority…I pat myself on the back. If I can do it so can you! You live once, enjoy life. Don’t let your sparkle dull out. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me, that’s their problem, I’m gonna be me and live the way I want and you should also. It’s your life not their’s. But I’m literally begging please for those that went through some shit, please find you a person that will just listen and tell them everything on your heart. Let it OUT! You will walk away feeling so much better, I promise. If you have no one to talk to, hit me up on messenger and I will listen.
Oh and I was thinking and realized……I’ve never been kissed on New Years Eve at midnight lol. Anybody else the same? I seen a post on facebook that made me realize that haha.
Well that’s all I got for right now. Talk to you guys later and remember send those that are broken to this site. I’m not a counselor but just a laid back normal gal who happens to write and I think what I write may be able to help some out in some way. Thank you so much. Love you guys!
Love, Lori

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