December 28, 2016


Good morning everybody! My little ebook is published now on Amazon. It has a lot of stuff you have read but I added one that was very hard to do and it is about a very bad situation I went through when I was younger. 
I wrote it because for one it helps me to let it out and I’m hoping it will help others do the same. It does still affect me but not to the point of going crazy, it just hurts. It’s not a very long story simply because I couldn’t keep going because well it hurt to write what I did write. But it has helped me though. Hopefully I can continue to keep letting it out. You don’t have to tell me your story, just tell someone somewhere and let it out and cry it out. Move on with your life knowing your stronger because it didn’t kill you and it didn’t overcome you! Don’t be a victim anymore. Be a victor! 
I have decide as well to stop writing and ranting about all my heartaches. I’ve done let it out so now I want to move on with my life and enjoy life to the fullest. I no longer want to be a victim to any of the hell ive been through. It only gives those that done me wrong satisfaction that they made me miserable. I refuse to be miserable any longer. I will do everything in my power to walk away from it. 
Let it out! 
Cry it out!
Move on!
Enjoy life and be the happiest you can be!!
Love you people following me, y’all are awesome! Thank you so much! 
Love, Lori

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