December 12, 2016

What If's

Hey y’all! I been working on this one for two days. I tried to come up with mostly my own because it was more fun that way. I made this post to hopefully at least make someone smile :). I made a list of 50 What If’s. I hope you enjoy.

  1. You were born rich
  2. You were famous
  3. Dreams were really a reality
  4. Everyone on earth jumped at once
  5. We all were identical
  6. We didn’t have to work
  7. Make-up was never invented…OMG
  8. There was no gravity
  9. There was no dogs or cats
  10. Dogs could talk
  11. Facebook wasn’t invented
  12. Nothing exists, all is a dream
  13. You were President
  14. Won a million dollars
  15. There was no alcohol
  16. There was no marijuana
  17. You actually could travel in time
  18. Nobody died
  19. You only had 24 hours to live
  20. Had one wish
  21. Everyone was bald
  22. You could only run not walk
  23. There was no school
  24. You could make yourself invisible
  25. All dreams came true
  26. The zombie apocalypse was real
  27. Everyone smoked weed
  28. Trees actually grew money
  29. There was no clocks
  30. We are all one race
  31. The sky was green not blue
  32. We were all nudist
  33. Anything could be cured
  34. There are other planets just like ours
  35. You could twitch your nose to clean your house
  36. Everyone was faithful
  37. You could be King or Queen
  38. Horses was our only transportation
  39. Raindrops were chocolate drops
  40. Cellphones were never invented
  41. Dogs didn’t bark
  42. We never had to pee
  43. We could fly
  44. Women were never cranky
  45. Men understood women
  46. Snow was cereal
  47. Water was purple
  48. Was no electricity
  49. All light bulbs were blue
  50. You could orgasm by thinking it…We’d all be dead lol.
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