December 2, 2016


Hey everybody. I hope y’all had a great day today. Mine was pretty good I guess. Back to work tomorrow. 
It so weird for me right. I would already have everything in & outside of the house decorated for Christmas. I used to have more Christmas stuff than anything else. Now I don’t even own a tree. This year has been rough, very rough for me. Everything is out of whack and so different. Whoever said single was awesome, was apparently never really single. I think it sucks. Holidays suck now for me. 
Have you ever wanted & prayed for something or someone so bad that it literally hurts? And when it or them is right there in your grasp you freeze and can’t move? You don’t know what to do? Been hurt so bad in your past that you want to run instead of see if this person is the one or the thing is what you’ve wanted but your scared of it?  Well I’m standing there in those places. I so badly want to leap but I’m terrified. I have butterflies & fear all at the same time. All I can do is pray and take baby steps. I know what I want but I need to be reassured and positive this is it. 
Also, I’m so sad about all the fires and deaths from them, its aweful. I hoping for enough rain to end all of them. And for those bunch of people that’s saying haha trump supporters homes are burning… They suck. I sure hope karma says hello to everyone. That’s just sick. That’s mean of me but it makes me so mad. 
Talk to you guys in a few days… Love y’all!  

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