November 27, 2016

Bucket List::UPDATED

This is just some of the things I want or want to do. Just off the top of my head. I hope y’all are having a good day! I slept all day today up til around 5 pm LOL. Much needed rest though. Well here’s a list of 40 from my bucket list, will add to this blog post later with more. Some of these have been done, but I’m still putting it on here.

  1. Sex in my truck-Done
  2. Sex on tailgate-Done
  3. Blind folded during sex-Done
  4. Handcuffed during sex-Done
  5. Sleep all day-Done
  6. To have sex in the rain(in summer)
  7. To have the nerve to tell certain people how I feel about them.Can’t get the nerve.
  8. To fall in love & be loved back
  9. Threesome with 2 other women(if love is found,will mark this out if not done yet)
  10. Travel-Travel-Travel
  11. To travel with a man who loves being around me
  12. To get a full body massage,every inch of my body
  13. Boob job(REALLY want one)
  14. To be fingered at the movies
  15. To be fingered while I’m driving
  16. Netflix & chill with a man(just watching movies)& hanging out with me All day(not all day but a few hours)*
  17. Supper cooked or brought in,bathed & sexed,& I don’t gotta do nothing
  18. Make my own hot ass calendar
  19. Learn how to swim
  20. Have sex in a waterfall
  21. Get some tattoo’s
  22. Publish some books(done)*
  23. Become a popular writer
  24. Own my own home & be able to buy someone else a home that can’t afford it
  25. Own a horse & learn to ride
  26. Be able to buy a ton of food to give to a food bank on a regular basis
  27. Own a dentist office for those that can’t afford stupid prices of today
  28. Be debt free
  29. Invent something cool
  30. To become a huge youtuber
  31. Create my Purple Room(similar to the red room but way better with purple)
  32. To be completely pampered by a man all day long
  33. To pamper a man all day long
  34. To get a mani & pedi(never got too)
  35. To be able to help a family in need in every area(like maybe do this once a month,different family a month)
  36. To be successful
  37. Go on an actual date with a woman just to see what its like
  38. Start the fun family business I’ve been dreaming up for years
  39. To buy my younger son & fiance a home 
  40. For my older son to be healed from avm’s                                                                                        

    I was looking at this list to see if I could mark anything off yet & I only got two marked off. #16 wasn’t a full day but it was very nice for those couple of hours tho. And the other was publishing a book, it was just a small one but it was at least something. 
    I have on here to have sex in the rain but I think *’kissing in the rain’*would be really hot. So I’m adding that one. Also adding….*having sex on the hood of my truck*. 
    I know some of these are far fetched but some are not. It wouldn’t take much effort for some of them though. I really want some so bad. 
    The ones I want now or need are #’s 12, 17, 32. And wouldn’t mind more of #16. 😊
    I don’t really have any more new ones to add right now. But when I do I’ll update this again. 
    Love, Lori 💜

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