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Hey everybody! Thought I would do an about me article. My likes & dislikes. What I do for fun. Maybe some secrets lol, I’m not sure about that but we’ll see. As most of you already know, one of my biggest loves is any damn thing to do with sex! Oh yes!!! That’s what I might tell a secret about, a dirty secret haha…maybe. I am getting friend requests & likes & views & everything from some really sweet people. I want to thank all of you for your kind words & messages you all send me. It really helps me to hear that someone is paying attention. And I’m so glad that my writings make some of y’all’s day a little brighter. After reading some of your messages about that I just wanna write like crazy now. If this is a way to make people smile a little bit,then it’s worth it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
Some things about me I may end up repeating because I’m sure they’re in other posts. First of all, I wanna say that to those of you having some of the same problems as me, I hear ya. I feel ya. It sucks. Being alone & having that feeling that you are not good enough for anybody. I honestly cannot tell you how to fix it. I struggle with it 24/7. Talking to you guys helps some. Having good friends helps too. My biggest problem is finding someone that would truly love me for me. I can’t just pick somebody, it don’t work that way. And searching for him does not work either. I want to really know what Love feels like. I want to know what it’s like to be able to trust fully. I want to know what it feels like to NOT be cheated on or lied to about other women, to not have to even think about it. To be the only woman his eyes are on. To not have to wonder whats on his phone or who he secretly talks to dirty or not. To just know…I don’t know if anybody has a relationship like that but I want it so bad I can taste it. I would give up being bi-sexual for a man that truly wants me & me only. I done it before & was perfectly fine with it. But I done it for nothing. I have been hurt so badly that I look at men (nothing personal) like all of them are the same. After getting to know a few, I sense the same games. I’m not perfect by no means but I am not a cheater at all. I would give my all to someone that gave their all to me. I do things now I’m not proud of. I know I’ll regret it later maybe,maybe not. We all try to fill our voids some how. What does it feel like to have someone take care of you even if your just sick? Like doctoring you, getting what you need even if its 3 am? Rubbing your back without asking? Cooking or providing you with supper at home? Gives gifts that mean something to you,special? Just holds you & looks at you like he’s proud your his? This is my loneliness problem. I just don’t think anyone wants me like that. And it hurts everyday. I tell you these things to try to help all of us, not just me.
Enough of the sad stuff.
I’m adding pictures of myself & my dogs so you can see what we look like lol.
I love taking pictures & I love selfies haha, and of course snap chat!! I don’t think I’m some hot ass chick. I am just beginning to love myself & seeing my pictures helps me somehow. And I honestly don’t see what other people are seeing. They tell me or comment that I’m f’kn gorgeous. I don’t know why. I don’t have a big ass, I don’t have big boobs, my stomach is not flat, and I’m out of shape. I just don’t get it lol. But whatever, probably most just wanting a piece of ass & they say anything to get it. Speaking of boobs, I want a boob job so bad. Not for others to look at, just for my personal need. But I can’t afford it tho. Maybe someday.

So here is a list of common things some people want to know: Favorite color-Purple. Favorite pickup truck-Dodge. Favorite car-Camaro. Eyes-Hazel. Hair-not sure lol. Height-5’7. Weight-Not much. Favorite clothing-Jeans,T-shirts,& sneakers. I’m not a city kinda girl, I’ll get dirty like the boys do. I don’t like the richy snobby type people. I like mudding, atv’s, trucks. I also love cooking & baking. I’m not a chef but pretend to be haha. I as you know like to write & read. I can draw fairly good. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I am a big movie watching person. I love dogs & cats like crazy. I have 3 dogs right now, two are boxer mix, & my puppy is a pit bull, and I have one outside cat. You can see them in the pictures below.
I don’t have a ton of friends. I pretty much keep to myself. I stay home when I’m not working mostly because I can’t afford gas in my truck lol. I find movies to watch or write something or clean something trying to keep myself occupied. It’s just me & my animals here at home. And our home is very old with no central heat & air which sucks. But it is the only place I could find & afford that would allow me to have my animals, so I took it. Its not too bad though. It does have some issues that are driving me insane. Like the kitchen cabinets need work. The tub needs replaced because it has huge ass cracks in it. But oh well, at least I’m not living in my truck anymore.
I love my truck! And that camaro is one like my mother had when I was younger & there is a lot of memories with that car & I have to own one someday.
I do have two sons whom I will not post pictures because I didn’t ask if its ok with them. But my youngest is 18 & my oldest is 21. They are my world! I would do anything for them. I love them so much. They are good kids, really. My youngest works with me at the same company. And he works hard. I love being able to see him at work, it’s kinda cool. My oldest is a gamer. He plays hard. He has started a youtube channel for the game stuff. I’m lost when he talks about it though haha. I miss them being young & needing me. They are starting their own lives & mom is just not needed much anymore. Another addition to being lonely. But at least I do see them & talk to them regularly.
I think this post is turning out longer than I wanted it to. Sorry. Just trying to let you know me a little more personally. I was born & raised in Harlan,Ky. We moved here to Georgia when I was 18. I’m now 40, almost 41 next month. I used to be a pot head because there was nothing else to do back home;]. I can’t think of anything else to say. I said I might share a dirty secret about me. I guess I will. Its sexual of course heehee. Actually its two things. One is I love clit nuts, as any woman would. I may like them to much hahaha! The other is…soap. Soap in the shower. When I have time, I love to put a huge glob of soap on pussy to play & on tits as well. I don’t know how many women like that but I do! I have to be creative & pleasure myself to release stress that’s on me or it will probably kill me.
That’s all I have to say for now. I can’t think of anything else other than don’t let the loneliness overtake you. I know its hard believe me, I know. I will see you guys later!

Lori Hensley

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lori! Hope you have a good day with family. Your blog really hits home. You have to learn to love you and the rest will come. I know it’s hard! I also have trust issues with relationships, you say all guys are the same well that’s how I feel about women. Not good I understand. I have been hurt hard by a couple ladies and now I second guess any other relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to be alone but I know no one can hurt me then. You will get all kinds of bullshit from guys on the internet because you are a pretty girl putting yourself out there. I also use work to keep busy and not get bummed about this shit. And you should not change anything you feel or enjoy, to fit into someone else world. I love to joke and fuck around on Facebook its entertainment , I can’t post alot of my personal life, don’t have the balls! It’s hard to let people in! I understand! Glad I got to meet you on here. Have a great day.

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